Halloween is for Lovers by Nate Gubin

Halloween Is For Lovers


Undying love... the scary kind.

A lovelorn ghost has one Halloween night to find the girl he abandoned at the altar and get her to love him again.

Hugh and Lily.  
Truly, down deep, they’re in love.  So what’s the problem?  She won’t forgive him for abandoning her at the altar so she’s moving on and marrying a new guy.  That and Hugh’s been dead for three years.  But this is true love we’re talking about.  The Kingdom of the Dead allows ghosts one Halloween night to cross over to the Land of the Living.  There’s a legend that love conquers all, even death.  If Hugh can get Lily to forgive him and love him again, he just might come back to life.  If he fails?  There are things far worse than death awaiting him.


This book was fun to read. I wasn't sure what to make of it at the start, but then it turned into this ridiculous fun over the top silly book. It starts off kind of dark and creepy and I loved it. Very Wes Anderson like. I really enjoyed the description of the underground land of the dead, even though it is sad to think that everyone goes to this sad no hope no happiness just drudge through the afterlife place once you die. It was an interesting world and I liked the main character, Hugh. 

Hugh never gave up on his love for Lily, and so he finally finds a way to escape to tell her he still loves her and that is when everything starts going wrong in a hilarious way. It kind of reminded me of Christopher Moore in how silly and ridiculous it was. Everything was just so much crazy. Hugh is not a ghost that can walk through walls and such so he gets hurt and beat up and by the time he sees Lily is probably not looking too good. Then her fiance is just so crazy! Like crazy crazy and oh it was just fun. It was not what I was expecting from this book. I really read it because Halloween is one of the least romantic holidays for me and I wanted to see a love story set at Halloween. Instead I got this pretty funny love story set at Halloween, which was way better than it would have been. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


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