Be My Downfall by Lyla Payne

Be My Downfall (Whitman University)


Toby Wright has always prided himself on being one of the most normal guys at Whitman University. He loves his parents, has a great job lined up after graduation, and with the exception of attempting to cross the unbalanced Sebastian Blair sophomore year, has kept his nose pretty clean.

But the rich never have empty closets, and memories long stashed away come spilling free when notorious party girl Kennedy Gilbert almost dies in his dorm room.

Nobody really knows how Kennedy manages to stay in good standing at Whitman–she never goes to class, doesn’t pretend to care about her future, and as far as people can tell, is never sober. This isn’t her first meeting with a stomach pump, but it is the first time she’s woken up to Toby’s concerned brown eyes. Despite the fact that she prefers life without friends, he gets under her skin with his insistence on playing her guardian angel.

No one knows better than Toby that people can only be saved if they want to be, but the realization that she has no one else draws him back into the shadows of Kennedy’s life–and eventually into her bed. But she long ago came to terms with a truth that Toby refuses to accept: she doesn’t want to be rescued, she only wants to forget.

Unwilling to give up on her, Toby’s dragged under by this broken girl and her dark, twisted Whitman University he never guessed existed. If he struggles to the surface, he’ll abandon someone he loves for the second time in his life. If he doesn’t, it won’t be long until they both drown.


This was by far the best book in the Whitman University series. The first was okay, didn't love it didn't hate it, the second I hated the main character, but this one, this one was pretty great. Kennedy was a mess. Just so sad everything that has happened to her and how she ended up how she is. I guess it was good she wasn't doing drugs, but she's pretty bad. I just want to help her and make everything better. She was just so broken down and I just wanted her to be able to get better. 

I love that the story is told from Toby's point of view as usually I see it from the addicts. I loved Toby. He was so sweet and caring and just there for her. He tried his best to help her without pushing her really. He just tried to be whatever she needed at the time, even if it hurt him in the process. He was great and I wanted everything to work out well for them both. 

About 3/4 of the way through the book I looked and just thought how in the world is this going to end on a happy note? I mean Kennedy was still so broken and I just didn't know if the story would be written in a believable enough manner for me to believe they ended up happy. Somehow the author did it though and it was great. I really enjoyed this story.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


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