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It was lyrics at first sight when I saw Violet Rhodes across that crowded party. She was lights and darks, swirled together. Music in motion. And all of it while looking like a hitwoman at an Elvis convention.

I had nothing to offer the intriguing girl but a one-night stand. I figured I’d revel in my last night of anonymity before my first tour and shoot her a quick “We’ll always have L.A.!” goodbye the next morning.

But nothing went according to plan.

In one night, Violet crawled under my skin and into my bloodstream. She tattooed her name across my chest and between my legs. She became my muse. And then she was gone.

Now, months later, here she is again. And in a twist I never saw coming, it turns out Violet is ultra-violet radiation. Beautiful, ethereal light bringing with her the promise of damage and destruction.

My brain tells me to walk away from this girl, but my heart can’t stop feeling like she might be one of a kind . . . the sort of girl who comes along once in a violet moon.

ROCKSTAR is a standalone romance, the love story of Dax Morgan and the electrifying woman who rocked his world during his journey to worldwide rock superstardom.


Rockstar was an amazing read and one that made me want to go back and re-read the entire Morgan Brothers series again. That, for me, is one of the marks of a truly amazing book. To have this story play out and have me keep thinking about how I need to go back and re-read all the books so I can read this one again in context with everyone else's story was so great. I love when that happens. When you get to the end of something and want to re-live all of it all over again. I love this family and all the people they bring into it!

Dax and Violet were amazing together. Dax can be a bit...well a bit of a stereotypical guy at times. The ones were they don't really get it and don't understand why what they do could upset the other person. He doesn't always get it right away, but luckily he has great friends and family who tell him when he is being an idiot about something. That point him in the right direction. He is a sweetheart and his heart is in the right place, he just doesn't always use his words.

Now Violet? Gah! She killed me! She is the sweetest person ever! My heart was so full reading her. She is so wonderful and kind and caring. The things she goes through and how she reacts to them? She is a class act. She is above and beyond. I don't know that I have ever met anyone as truly kind and wonderful as she is. I wanted nothing but the best for her even though her situation is a bit tricky. I had gotten an early copy of this book when I was lucky enough to meet the author at a signing and I asked her if this story would make me cry. Last time I saw her on the way to the event I was reading Hero and was that lady crying on the train that everyone looked at like should we do something?? Is everything okay?? And when it is "just" a book then you get some odd looks because no everyone gets it. Lauren said it made her cry, but it is a different kind of cry than Hero and after reading this I so see what she means. This is that kind of cry that I don't find very often, that I can only think of one other example of, the 'it is so touching and beautiful it makes me cry' cry. Because that is this story. So touching and beautiful and I didn't want it to end.

Dax and Violet do not have the easiest of times because of the situation they are in. They both obviously care about the other deeply in a very short amount of time, but circumstances being what they are make being together difficult. I loved Dax and how he could be all in, but cautious, even though he at times was overly cautious. And Violet is just the best. These two were wonderful to read and I loved seeing the rest of the Morgan's in there as well. Oh, it was a great story and now I need to go re-read them all. I want more Morgan brothers!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2

About the Author:

USA Today and internationally bestselling author Lauren Rowe lives in San Diego, California, where, in addition to writing books, she performs with her dance/party band at events all over Southern California, writes songs, takes embarrassing snapshots of her ever- patient Boston terrier, Buster, spends time with her family, and narrates audiobooks. Much to Lauren’s thrill, her books have been translated all over the world in multiple languages and hit multiple domestic and international bestseller lists.


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