Red & Wolfe, Part 3 by Ella James

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Return to Rabbit Island with Red & the illusive Rafe for the hottest serial installment so far. I'd bring at least two pairs of extra panties if I were you.


Yes, Red & Wolfe, Part 3 had more sexy times in it. It was fun, but Red was starting to get on my nerves by the end of this short bit. It was just...she finds out some things and then was just all over the place. It was a bit..I just wanted her to stop, think, maybe ask him her questions, see what happens. It just bugged me a little bit. Still a fun read, but at least see what he says before going all crazy all over the place. 

Wolfe is still intrigued by Red, still wants her to stay for a bit, but Red starts having second thoughts. Does she really know who he is? Has he done what others have said he has? Fun, but not as good as the prior parts. Oh well, I still am eager to see what happens next, especially with the way this one ended!!

Rating: ★ ★ ★


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