Dirty Bad Wrong (Dirty Bad #1) by Jade West

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They call him Masque.
I call him God.
The man I want to consume me, own me, break me and corrupt me.
Yet I've never seen his face.
His body ripples like an adonis, sculpted in steel and dripping in sin. His flesh is inked with the mark of the chimera - one body, two very different halves.
He plays hard.
He plays rough.
He has no limits.
He's so fucking dirty bad wrong.
But I love him for it.


Lydia Marsh is always the strong one. The girl who never breaks, and sure as hell never cries. She's got it all - the perfect little life in cosy suburbia, with her perfectly nice boyfriend, and their perfectly sufficient sex life. She's even got her perfect little career plan all wrapped up at Trial Run Software Group.

But when it all falls apart, and Lydia's pretty, green eyes are fixed on a brutally sexual stranger - the man they call Masque - she comes to suspect that being strong isn't all it's cracked up to be.

For now Lydia wants something she's never wanted before...

And she wants Masque to give it to her.

**Warning - this novel contains graphic sex, and hardcore elements of BDSM. There are scenes of violence (consensual) as well as sexual practices some readers may find offensive.

If you aren't turned on by dirty bad wrong sex then please walk on by. Thank you.***


Oh. My. Goodness. Dirty Bad Wrong....phew. I...I guess first things first. You should definitely not read this book if you are not into hardcore BDSM. If you don't like reading about pain and such in your sexy time then do not read it. Seriously. It is amazing, but won't be for everyone. If it is your thing then read on. It was so freaking good.

Dirty Bad Wrong hooked me right from the beginning. That prologue...yeah. Totally my thing. And I couldn't wait to read more. It was one of those books that when I started it on the train ride home I thought yeah...maybe this should be an at home book...when my husband is around. It is....yeah. Now I didn't like everything in it, didn't like every aspect of the sexy times (I am not at all a fan of peeing being involved in sexy times for example), but most of it is just hot hot hot!

So what is this story? Well it is the story of Lydia/Cat and James/Masque. Two broken people who come together perfectly. Masque is a popular guy at the local BDSM club. He likes to break people. He likes to make women cry, loves using his cane, but only when they want it. This was a great example of good BDSM NOT abuse like I sometimes see with books. James cares for Lydia and wouldn't do anything to actually hurt her. Sure he leaves marks on her, makes her feel more pain than she has known, but she wants it. It is consensual. And that makes all the difference. There is one scene where you can really see how much he cares. How he is just the sweetest right after hurting her in a way that she wants. It was...I loved it. James is still dealing with his past, with his ex-wife's deception. With everything that happened with her and he doesn't know how to be in an actual relationship. He keeps his work and personal life separate so he will never have to lose everything again. Never get involved with anyone you know, never open up to anyone especially no one from work, just keep everything separate.

The first time James really sees Lydia is the day after she broke up with her ex. Her ex who cheated on her. She is crying in the kitchen and she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. But he must keep telling himself to stay away. He can't get involved with someone from work!

And that first meeting intrigues Lydia as well. She likes James, and when she finds out more about this world of dark pleasure and pain she wants to know more. She wants to participate and man...the two of them were amazing together. Sure it starts off casual, they try and keep it simple and contained, but of course it becomes more. They are sweet together and I just loved this story. You know there are so many scenes where you can see how much James cares. How careful he is with Lydia even with everything they are into. I loved it.

Rating: ★★★★1/2


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