Magic Kiss (Hope Falls #11) by Melanie Shawn

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He’d lost his best friend… 
Logan Dorsey left the military and his job as an undercover detective, but he still couldn’t shake the nightmares that haunted him. The only thing that had ever silenced the horrors for the chiseled former Marine was the one woman that was untouchable for so many reason… 

She’d lost her husband… 
Emma Locke wrote romantic stories for a living despite the fact that her happily-ever-after had been taken away years ago. The gorgeous, blue-eyed, twenty-six year old widow and single mom had nothing in her life to connect her with the love and heat she needed to write about. Nothing to inspire that kind of passion...except the one man that was off limits. 

They say time heals all wounds, but can it also be enough to grow new love? 


I really enjoy this Hope Falls series, love most every book in it, but I was hesitant to start reading Magic Kiss. Not sure why, but the synopsis sounded just so so to me. I put it off for a little bit, but I should have known I would end up loving it and just read it straight away. Logan and Emma are so cute together! I loved them and their little family they created. 

Logan's and his best friend were both in the military. Only his best friend never made it home like Logan did. His friends one wish was for him to look after his wife and son. So Logan has been trying to, only he can't get Emma out of his mind. He wants her, and not in the way his friend probably intended. He thinks about her way too often and so he tries to stay away. He knows he can never have her like that, never be with her, but he can't help wanting her all the same. He moves to Hope Falls to be closer to his brother and suddenly invested again father and to try and figure things out. He likes the small town, but he has a photographic memory so he is having a hard time re-connecting with his father. After all he remembers every horrible thing his father has ever said about him and his brothers. 

Emma lost her husband a few years ago and since then she has been devoted to raising her son. She also write romance novels, but lately she just hasn't been able to get the words out. She is lost for inspiration. She hasn't been with anyone since her husband and the one man she keeps thinking about, Logan, is off limits. She is not sure what to do, but she needs to try and figure it out so she can give her son everything he wants/needs. 

When Emma's son, Drew, shows up on Logan's doorstep (his godfather) things get interesting. Drew wants to learn more about his dad. Know what he was like and he figured Logan was the one who could tell him. He tries to talk about him with his mom, but it is just not the same. So he runs off when he is supposed to be in camp and shows up at Logan's house. 

Of course then Emma has to come and pick him up, only they end up staying so she can work uninterrupted and Drew can have some fun this summer with some kids he has become friends with. It was so much fun watching Logan and Emma try not to act on their attraction. Oh, I loved it! Of course they cannot live in the same house together and have nothing happen. There is just too much there between them. I really enjoyed how the author handled everything with the deceased husband/friend. It was hard at first to switch viewing the other as off limits and to not feel bad about what they were doing, but of course in the end they are just meant to be. Such a cute, fun, hot read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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