Graffiti in Love (Love & Lawbreakers #1) by G.G. Andrew

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KaveMan is a London graffiti artist--world famous, wealthy, brilliantly creative. And Laurel Xavier hates him. 

Laurel, a laid-off city planner, is bitter from compromising her dreams and still losing her sensible job. So when she gets a glimpse of the mysterious KaveMan, whose dream is apparently painting others' property in her hometown of New Haven, she's determined to find him, unmask him, and ruin his so-called career--even if it means losing some shoes and self-respect in the process. 

But why does chasing KaveMan make her feel more alive than she's felt in years? 

KaveMan isn't used to sharing his real self, let alone his real name. But when he's caught by Laurel Xavier, he starts to realize the one woman he yearns to whisper his secrets to is someone who would scream his identity from the highest rooftop. That would mean the end of his work, his passion. It can't ever happen. 

Unfortunately, he bloody well can't seem to stay away from her.


Graffiti in Love was such a fun, sweet read! I loved it! KaveMan and Laurel are so great together. I just...I just really enjoyed this story. 

Laurel has been having a bit of a rough go of it of late. She lost her job, her boyfriend, she just has a lot going on. This is not good since she is always trying to be the perfect daughter since her sister messes up so much. She should have her life together by now, be settled down, just be everything her parents want. She is not a fan of KaveMan. She is not happy that he decided to grace their city with some of his so called artwork. She is a very strict, stick to the rules kind of person. Only she has this repressed artistic side as well. Her backyard, her plant, oh it sounded wonderful. She created this beautiful world that no one else will see. She loves landscape design, she started studying it in college, but it never went anywhere since her parents told her it wouldn't be a stable option for her. 

Now KaveMan is like the exact opposite. He is free and draws outside the lines. I love love loved how he sees the world. From that first time when he was really young and got in trouble at school for not sticking to the paper to now he just sees the world in a way that makes me jealous. He sees what is there, what no one else sees. It was beautiful just reading about his world. The way he talks about how he sees everything, about color, just about it all was spectacular. Like dark vines curling up and around things or someones hair is like seagrass swaying in the water and stuff like that. So much cool stuff. When he is happy his art just flows out of him. I loved how he has such a direct connection with people and different colors and emotions. With the world and how he sees it. When he is heartbroken him thinking that he will be done with these reds and greens soon, that blues and yellows and oranges are what will help save him. It was just...I loved it. I loved his world. I think I could have just read a book of him describing the world as he see and been perfectly happy. 

Now KaveMan is very secretive about his identity. That is part of the whole street art thing. He could get in trouble for what he does, plus he doesn't want people to know it is him doing it. Only one person knows the real him and his street art person, and that is his sister. When Laurel realizes that she has seen KaveMan, that he was there at one of her lectures, she is determined to figure out who he is and unmask him. She was super crazy in the beginning. And I loved it. I was reading her just like man, what is wrong with you? But at the same time just waiting to see what she would do next. Some of the stuff she does? Oh it made me laugh. KaveMan is just such a sweet guy. He is drawn to Laurel even if she is trying to unmask him. They have this awkward start, but I loved them together. Sure they are both trying to change the other person, he is trying to get her to draw outside the lines more and she is trying to get him to only draw inside the line, but it works. Oh Laurel and her odd attempts to convert KaveMan. She was pretty funny to read. 

Through it all they just grow closer. It was a really sweet story. I can't wait to read the next book and read Laurel's sister Kim's story. It should be fun!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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