Warm Winter Kisses (Bliss Harbor) by Juliet Spenser

Blissful Kisses (Bliss Harbor)


A bed and breakfast manager is determined to avoid her feelings for her best friend, a hunky detective, but there’s no avoiding the heat between them when a blizzard strands them alone together. 


Warm Winter Kisses is the second short story in the Blissful Kisses collection. This time we have Hannah the divorced bed and breakfast owner and Liam, her best friend whom she suddenly realized she has feelings for. Since she sure he doesn't reciprocate those feelings she has been avoiding him for the past little while. She just cannot ruin her friendship with him because her feelings changed to more than friendly. 

When a winter storm rolls in and Hannah and Liam get stuck alone together there is really no where for her to escape to. And Liam is not going to let her get away with ignoring him completely. Things heat up between them and it was a quick, cute read. 

★ ★ ★1/2

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