Savor Me by Aly Martinez

Savor Me
Savor Me: A Novella


I lost my virginity at age thirteen. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no. I wasn't raped or molested. Nothing horrible happened to me. I don't have a daddy complex, or a shit life that I need to be rescued from. I just happen to like boys...a lot. I like them all. Tall, short, skinny, buff, light hair, or dark, I don't discriminate.

I realized early on that one man wasn't enough for me. It's a simple mathematical fact. Why have one man when you can have two? Any more than two gets complicated. Hell, half the time even two gets complicated. But it’s worth it. Sometimes every woman has to make an exception though, two crappy losers or one smoking hot man. 

The night I laid eyes on Hunter Coy, I made my choice. At least until he introduced me to Mason Wynn.


I was excited to read Savor Me and get to know Hunter a little better. Plus one girl with two guys? Yes please. I thought this would be a continuation of his story, but instead it is his past. The girl who got away. 

Unfortunately I didn't really like the story that much. It is obvious that Lacey wanted to be with Mason more so than Hunter. She obviously felt a connection with him right from the start and wanted Mason, but she is afraid of being in a relationship with just one person. What if they leave her? The way she was written I did not care for. She would be really mean and hurtful. I mean she was always using Hunter in public, pretending to be just Hunter's, when really she just wanted Mason. Mason would say something and Lacey would get upset and use Hunter to hurt him. It was not very good. I wanted fun sexy story, not broken girl using guys to hide from her issues. As a way to not feel things she is afraid of. To not have to face her fears and admit that she loves Mason. 

Really the way the story is written made Hunter seem kind of annoying. He was always all over Lacey and didn't really care what Mason thought. It was clear she wanted Mason and yet Hunter still thought that she would choose him in the end. He was just...I didn't like him. Though I did feel bad for him as he didn't realize that he would be the one left behind if she were to choose only one of them. 

Overall the story just didn't work that well for me. I didn't like Lacey, I didn't like the situation (I felt bad for both of the guys) and it was a bit disappointing. Oh well, it is a short, quick read. 

Rating: ★ ★

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