Kiss Me Again (Bliss Harbor #1.5) by Juliet Spenser

Blissful Kisses (Bliss Harbor)


A high school teacher writes naughty love stories just for fun, and she’ll do anything to get her secret stories back when her notebook falls into the hands of the sexy, fun-loving guy who loves to tease her. 


Kiss Me Again is part of the Blissful Kisses short story collection. I hadn't read anything by the author before so I thought this would give me a quick introduction. 

Kiss Me Again was a cute, quick read. Rachel is an english teacher at the local high school and in her free time she writes naughty romances. She doesn't ever want anyone else to read them, it is just something fun she likes to do. When Tyler surprises her in the park where she is writing she gets flustered and then annoyed and wanders off without her notebook. Of course she thinks the worst will happen - Tyler will tell everyone what he reads in it and she will lose her job. That cannot happen.

Tyler and Rachel have always had not the best relationship in Rachel's mind. Sure he is hot and all, but he is always doing things that embarrass her and he just annoys her all the time. It is not like he would ever like her. When she realizes he probably has her notebook she is upset, but luckily she sees it in Tyler's house only he is not home. What to do what to do. 

Rachel was a bit ridiculous about the notebook, but it was just fun. She gets her friend to help her try and get her notebook back only things don't turn out quite as she planned. It was fun, and cute, and I really enjoyed this short read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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