Imperfectly Criminal (Imperfect #2) by Mary Frame

Imperfectly Criminal
Imperfectly Criminal (Imperfect Series Book 2)


Freya Morgan thought it was a great idea to hire the bad boy on campus to beat up her douchebag ex-boyfriend after he cheated and treated her like crap. Fast forward a few months, and nothing she’s done has helped her get over the scars left behind by her ex. Not the paid beating, not the string of sucky dates, nothing. 

Dean Collins is in trouble, and it’s all Freya’s fault. After all, she started the trend of all the ladies on campus paying him to do their dirty work. But now, two of the boys he was hired to beat up are dead, and he’s the only connection.

When Freya agrees to help him find the real killer, she discovers that this bad boy isn’t so bad, after all. And getting involved with him means more than finding a killer, it means potentially losing her life…and her heart.


Imperfectly Criminal was another great read from this author. I loved the first book, Imperfect Chemistry, because I just loved the characters, but I wasn't sure I would enjoy this one as much. Well I did. Freya and Dean were just as great and their story was so much fun. 

Freya is such a goofball. The way she thinks is hilarious. She is a lot of fun. She had hired Dean to beat up her ex when he cheated on her and that started Dean's side business of embarrassing peoples boyfriends. The things he would do were pretty great. 

Freya first went to Dean because he was this tough guy. She called him Mob guy and doesn't really think that much of him at first. She just sees him as this scary tough guy she is attracted to for some reason. And Freya herself is a bit...she knows she annoys him. She is a bit clumsy and always seems to be doing something stupid when Mob guy is around.

Dean and Freya were so cute together. When Dean is in some trouble with the cops, they think he killed some guys he was paid to embarrass, he turns to Freya for help because he really doesn't have anyone else. He keeps to himself partly because he just doesn't have time for anyone else. He is trying to keep his brother and mom with a roof over their heads and money is tight. He works all the time, some not completely legal ways, but nothing too bad. He is a really great guy and just so sweet. When things start to get dangerous for Freya he steps in to protect her (even if she doesn't want him to). They were just so much fun!

I loved that they decided to try and figure out who the real killer was and watching the two of them try and be detectives was hilarious at times. It doesn't sound like this book should be as funny as it is, I mean they are trying to find a killer after all, but it was. I just laughed my way through it (which is crazy because I have a hard time finding books that have my sense of humor). I mean how can I not love it when Freya is such a goofball?

"'You know what we need right now?' She turns towards me before getting out of the car, her hand on the door. 
'What's that?'
'The Law and Order sound, you know, the clank-clank between scenes. That would happen and then the camera would pan to me interviewing the girls.'
I can't help but laugh, and then I shake my head. 'You've got problems, you know that?'"

Oh it was fun. Freya is just as unique of a character as Lucy was. Watching her and Dean get to know each other was really sweet. They are great together. The only problem with the book? When it ended I had no more books by this author to read! I just wanted it to go on and on as the adventures were so much fun. Really a wonderful read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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  1. Yay!!! You totally *get* me and my particular brand of crazy, I love it! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!


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