An Author's Assistant by S.J. McMillan

An Author's Assistant
An Author's Assistant


Angela is assistant to and best friend of Chloe, an eccentric best-selling author. Angela flips when she finds out Chloe created a profile for her on a match making site and set up a date for her with hunky Dean.

Dean seems to have it all together. He seems to be the perfect match for Angela. His intentions are questioned though when Chloe sees something that maybe she shouldn't have. Angela has a choice to make, take the word of her best friend or her new lover.


An Author's Assistant is a quick read which is good. It really wasn't anything special so I am glad I didn't waste much time with it. 

Angela is her author friends assistant. Her friend set her up on a blind date and lo and behold her friend found the perfect guy for her! Amazing! They both like the other instantly and it was...well there is not much of a story developed between the two of them. Angela has self confidence issues sometimes and thinks Dean is too hot for her at first. But he likes her so they keep seeing each other. He does travel a lot for work so she doesn't always see him when she would like, but when he is in town they are good. 

*spoiler alert*

Until her friend sees him with another girl having lunch. Oh noes! Guys cannot have lunch with other girls! I mean he has a sister - does the friend even know what she looks like? It could have been her. And then the girl kisses him on the cheek after lunch! The horror! He must be cheating...cause friends never give cheek kisses. It was just so ridiculous Angela is so upset cause Dean is the worst cause he had lunch with a girl and she kisses his cheek! That is practically sex. Ugh. It was lame. I was just like obviously he is not cheating. At least make it seem like he could be if that is what you are going for. So Angela annoyed me. Dean of course comes over to fix things and she still won't listen to him. She has him call his sister so she can hear it from her that what he is saying is actually true. Yeah, these two are in a really great place. If she doesn't trust him then how will they ever work? I mean he travels a many times will he come home to her upset because he is cheating on her? It just...she just seems way too needy and I didn't really understand why. She even said herself at the beginning she has no reason to have low self esteem, she just does. I don't know. It wasn't a very good read. It was short though so I didn't waste a lot of time with it. 

Rating: ★1/2

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