Virginia Day Zero by Sean Cregan

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Murph and Rory Caulfield are two regular kids in the small town of Coombs in rural Virginia. When their uncle goes to fetch the local sheriff after finding "something bad" on his farm, the boys go to check it out for themselves. What they find is more than just bad, though - it could kill them and everyone they know.

The race is on now. First to escape, then to find out what's happened to their family and their town. If they can do that, they can think about finding a safe place to hole up away from the horrors that pursue them.

But day zero is here, and maybe there are no safe places. Not any more.

Virginia Day Zero is a sci-fi short story about the end of the world.


Virginia Day Zero is a quick read, but I really enjoyed it. Two kids overhear their uncle calling the sheriff after finding something in his field and they go to investigate. Only whatever is happening is bigger than they knew and the are now running for their lives. There are monsters out there, creepy things that seem to be multiplying, and they don't really know what to do. 

Even though it is not very long it was sufficiently creepy for me. The monsters seem pretty cool and I want to read Day Zero now to find out more. A quick read, but entertaining. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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