Wanting by Piper Vaughn



Jonah Beckett has been in love with his older brother's best friend, Laurie, since he was thirteen-years-old. When his boyfriend, Dirk, breaks up with him for refusing to put out, Jonah uses his heartbreak over the situation as an excuse to ask Laurie to teach him all about sex before he starts college in the fall. Problem is, he made Dirk up, and Jonah has no idea what will happen when Laurie finally finds out the truth.


I don't know why I continue to try and read novellas. It is rare that I find one that is actually good. The authors always seem to try and fit a full length story into not very many pages which just does not work. If anyone has any novellas suggestions where this is not the case, where it is a good story and does not try and do too much, please let me know. 

Wanting was alright for a novella, but still not good. It didn't have much of a storyline and everything just moved so quickly. When you are not writing very many pages you have to just disregard believability and keep everything moving at lightning speed. That and when you want to have a few sex scenes, but you still want to keep it short so you just breeze right through them also. The whole point of the book was Laurie teaching Jonah about sex, but the sex just felt like it was glazed over or pushed along too quickly. Really I think had the sex scenes been more developed, or the storyline, I would have enjoyed it more. As it was it felt like everything was just glazed over and moved along so we could get to the end that much quicker. 

Rating: 2/5

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