All Summer Long by Susan Mallery

All Summer Long


Former underwear model turned entrepreneur Clay Stryker has loved, tragically lost and vowed that he'll never risk his heart again. After making his fortune, the youngest of the rugged Stryker brothers returns to Fool's Gold, California, to put down roots on a ranch of his own. But he's frustrated to discover that even in his hometown, people see him only for his world-famous…assets.

Firefighter Chantal (Charlie) Dixon grew up an ugly duckling beside her delicately beautiful mother, a feeling reinforced long ago by a man who left soul-deep scars. Now she has good friends, a solid job and the itch to start a family—yet she can't move toward the future while she's haunted by painful memories.

Clay finds an unexpected ally, and unexpected temptation, in tomboyish Charlie, the only person who sees beyond his dazzling good looks to the real man beneath. But when Charlie comes to him with an indecent proposal, will they be able to overcome their pasts and find a love that lasts beyond one incredible summer?


While All Summer Long didn't start off as good as the other Stryker brothers books, I found by the end I was really enjoying it.

I was really excited to read Charlie's story. I liked her in the last book and wanted to see how she resolved her issues. I also liked Clay. I could understand why he would be annoyed with everyone thinking he is just a model. He wants to do something else with his life now and to have everyone just see you that way...I get it. I liked the Charlie and Clay together. He was so sweet with her. So nice, going slow, making sure she was okay with everything that was happening. Of course they started caring more for each other. They are both great and great together.

Charlie's mom comes back in this book and man she is a nightmare. I don't know how Charlie dealt with her or how they ever managed to have a relationship. She is just so self centered and doesn't care about others. She says really hurtful things and I just cannot imagine having her as a mom. I can't imagine anyone trying to help her. She is horrible. Somehow she does radically change and by the end is really proud of Charlie and supports her and whatnot. It was a bit unbelievable how much she changed. At the beginning the mom couldn't even figure out why people would be upset by what she said. At least the people of Fool's Gold are really nice and welcoming.

Overall this was a good read, though not my favorite in this series. The ending when Clay comes back was way too quick. Charlie out of anyone shouldn't have taken him back that quickly. She is way too strong and in charge to just be all whatever, all is forgiven just like that. This one in particular I thought needed longer to resolve. I mean it is Charlie! She is tough and yeah. So it was a good read, but not the best in the series.

Rating: 3.5/5

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