Falling for Your Madness by Katharine Grubb

Falling For Your Madness


Eccentric literature professor David approaches Laura for a counter-cultural, rule-filled relationship filled with poetry, flowers and bottom-less cups of tea. He makes it very clear to her that they are just friends. If she wants to be more -- if she wants to be sweethearts -- then she is the only one that can move them forward. Laura is smitten by his humor, his charm, and his English accent (which turns out to be fake). In his company, she has never felt more beautiful or ladylike. David tells Laura that the reason he has these rules is because he is bound by the laws of chivalry, both body and soul. Then Laura finds out the real reason, one that's ancient, filled with legend and magic. Yet Laura has complete control of this madman. Should she release him or tell him she wants more? Is he eccentric or just mad? Falling For Your Madness is not just a romantic comedy, but it also asks the question, who has the most power in a relationship? The lady? Or the gentleman?


Falling for Your Madness was one of the strangest books I have read. I still don't know what to think of it. I didn't get David or why anyone would love him. I am just...he was so strange and odd and crazy and not in a good way. He has strict guidelines for what can happen in each stage of their relationship. He also cannot make any of the decision as to where the relationship is going. Laura must make all the decisions. She has all the power. Sounds horrible to me. It just...so he would have married any of the ladies he dated before Laura if they had wanted to marry him. So romantic? I just...yeah. Cause that makes a perfect guy! He will never break up with me even if he doesn't like me because he said he wouldn't. That will be a happily ever after for sure! Plus I do dream of having a guy be with me just because I want to be with him.

Everything about David way too structured. Sure I like when my husband opens doors for me, or brings me flowers, or carries the bags home from the store or whatever, but this was just...I also like to be spontaneous. I like to do things randomly. I like to be able to call someone whenever I want to talk to them. The fact that they had to take away Davids phone because he would text the girl he was dating way too much, the fact that he gets arrested defending Laura's honor for no real good reason, the fact that he doesn't stop when she says no, it was all not good. The worst is the not stopping when she says no. Yes he wanted to leave, but then...no. I know it is supposed to be a humorous book, but after that night Laura is kind of like what should I do? Then David sends an apology letter and flowers and everything is good? She sees him again and thinks oh well that he probably would have raped me Friday night if my roommate hadn't walked in. He apologized and I am now not going to be alone in a room with him again until we are married so it is fine. I'm sorry but no. There is nothing remotely humorous about that scene, and nothing that would make me stay with the person. I don't care how charming and chivalrous they are, how rigid and structured the relationship is, how supposedly perfect they are you don't stop when I say no then that is that. There is no more relationship. From that point on I just kept thinking about that, then the other things David would do and I couldn't figure out why a) her friends were jealous of her relationship and b) why she was with him in the first place and c) why people thought he was a perfect guy. I don't know why anyone would want to date him. If David needs all of these rules and regulations to not be a super crazy person then why do you want to be with him? What happens when you get married and these rules are no longer in effect? I just...I don't understand what was great about David. He has to have such strict rules because he cannot control himself otherwise. The perfect man...

The book started off alright and I was interested in the story, humorous, but it quickly went way too far into left field for me. It was so strange I didn't get it. I didn't really get if he was just crazy, or if the things he thought were supposed to be true. I didn't get why no one really thought he was crazy. Why did everyone love him instantly. Why did everyone want Laura to be with him?

Laura herself was a bit...I didn't really feel like I got to know her. She falls in love with David and I never really knew why. I couldn't figure her out. Sure Trey was not a very good bet for a boyfriend, but then she should date better guys.  I don't know. I obviously did not get this  book. I did not enjoy the crazy like others did. I did not see how perfect this story was. I did not see how it was romantic or whimsical or anything like that. Obviously not the book for me.

Rating: 2/5

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