Handle With Care by Emily Porterfield

Handle with Care


"Even tortured souls can be freed..." 

All Abigail Miles’ wants is some time and space – to be left alone, hoping to find peace in solitude in the sleepy Oregon town she has fled to... that is, until she's discovered... 

Haunted by her past, made a pariah by the media, Abigail feels like her entire life has been destroyed. But the gentle patience of widower Craig Port, and his young daughter, throws what Abby knows into doubt. Her profession is to know people, yet she is a total stranger to herself. She believes she doesn't deserve their kindness, their mercy or their love. 

Can Abby learn to trust Craig's insights and risk what he has to offer? Or will she keep on running... from herself? 

Handle with Care is a sweet contemporary romance, a journey of forgiveness, ownership, and recovery from trauma.


I finished Handle With Care yesterday, but am only getting to the review write up today which is what I normally do. Let it settle a bit and have some time to process to see what I really felt about the story. This time it kind of backfired on me since before reading the synopsis again I couldn't remember what this book was even about. That is not good. That is how unremarkable the story was for me.

This is a short book and the story moves super quick. It is one that if it had been longer I might have enjoyed it. Abigail blames herself for something one of her patients did. It didn't help that the media blamed her as well so she ran away and hid out in a small town. One day she runs into Craig who lost his wife a year ago, and his daughter. They pretty instantly get together and care for each other and whatnot. Really the daughter is the instant attraction for Paige and why she hangs out with Craig when she does. She doesn't want ties, doesn't think she deserves anyone because of what she did. When that all came out I felt a little let down. Like she is not strong enough to call bs on the media hounding her? She is really just going to curl up and hide from everything? It just...I didn't like the reason why she was hiding so much.

Craig is very supportive and everything, but the whole story felt very unrealistic. They are instantly together, Paige gets over everything pretty quick, it just didn't work. It was not the worst story ever, but as I said above it is very forgettable as I didn't for any attachments to any of the characters. I couldn't even remember what happened without a refresher which is not good. So not terrible, just not great either.

Rating: 2/5

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