My Cup of Tea: Summer of Love by Kat Lieu

My Cup of Tea: Summer of Love, Volume 1


It’s another suck-tastic summer for book nerd and baker, Sara Lee-Affen. She’s broke, she’s single, and she’ll probably die a virgin. At her beautiful cousin’s wedding, Sara meets a sexy and delicious stud muffin, Ian Forrests. He’s totally her cup of tea, that is until he laughs at her misery when a bee burrows into her ear. Yes, a dang bee. She’s dying (well not really) as he’s dying from laughter. 

What a jerk. A smoking hot, Adonis of a jerk with strikingly green eyes, dark hair, and drool-worthy pecs and eight-pack abs. As luck and fate would have it, Sara keeps bumping into Ian all summer long and ends up working for him as a pastry chef at his failing bakery. Despite her better judgment, Sara falls for the sexy, badass rich boy. She discovers the truth about Ian: he’s a tortured soul who’s still pining for his deceased girlfriend, Sarah. One look at Sarah’s picture and poor Sara knows that she could never compete. She could never be Ian’s cup of tea. 

Or could she?


When I started reading My Cup of Tea I had forgotten that it was going to be a two part story. I was going to wait until the second part came out to read this one, but then I started reading it and got to the end like man...if I want to see what happens I need to wait for the second book to come out.

This story was a nice short story, though the very end annoyed me a little bit. Sara is a kind of goofy, clumsy, 18 year old. She meets Ian and is instantly attracted to him, though she doesn't really like him. He was kind of a jerk the first time they met so...then she gets the opportunity of her life to work in his bakery as the pastry chef!

When Ian first meets Sara he finds her amusing. There is something about her that draws him to her, but he is still hung up on his girlfriend who died a year ago. He is not ready to move on. Then he finds out her name is Sara. His girlfriend who died was Sarah with an h so he is a bit spooked. He still gets closer to her working at the bakery until he realizes that he has a crush on her. This is the first time since Sarah died that he has felt like this. He didn't think he would ever move on from Sarah.

So they both have the same name right? So I guess a spoiler for the very end is next. Sarah and Sara sound the same. I mean when Sara told Ian her name the first time the blood drained from his face. He was spooked. So they must say it the same. Really I tried saying them differently, but couldn't figure out how you would. Anyway Ian kisses her once, but then he said I missed you which obviously hurt Sara. I mean she was in to the kissing and then he seems like he is thinking of Sarah. So the next day she is sick and Ian ends up bringing her back to his place to make sure she is okay. She passes out, and wakes up next to a sleeping Ian. Ian then rolls over and starts making out with her, which Sara doesn't mind.  "But when he utters her name in his sleep, I do mind." That is the second to last sentence in the book. So...when he says Sara or Sarah (cause you cannot know which one it is) that upsets you? What would you like him to call you? Your full name? I can see where she could think does he mean me or her? That sentence just bugged me. Because you have the same name when said aloud!

Up until the last sentences I was enjoying the story. It is kind of nice seeing how everyone tries to move on from their tragedies. I will look for the second book when it comes out later this year.

Rating: 3/5

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