Just One Reason by Kristen DeMuzio

Just One Reason


As teenagers, Lindsay and Grady found a love together that few people are lucky enough to ever experience. 

When Lindsay Ross decided to visit her aunt for the summer in a small lake town in New York, she didn’t expect anything other than an escape from her demanding parents. She certainly didn’t expect Grady Hawke. At the end of the summer, Lindsay and Grady made plans for their future and vowed to be together forever. Back in New York City, events beyond her control forced Lindsay to turn her back on Grady and their love. 

Grady has spent the last five years trying to forget the one girl who broke his heart. But when Lindsay arrives back in town unannounced, will Grady get to know the woman she has become and find out the real reason she left him all those years ago? Or will he push her away for good?


Just One Reason was a welcome change from the not so good books I have been reading recently. I was in quite a funk and not expecting much from it, but this one was actually really good.

Lindsey and Grady met when Lindsay was 16. She was just visiting for the summer and they fell in love. Forever love. Lindsey didn't tell anyone about Grady when she got home because she didn't think they would understand. I get that. I wouldn't understand if someone told me that at 16. Then something happens and she is forced to break up with him even though she loves him.

The story is told in present day, 5 years after Lindsey left she is back, with flashbacks to when she visited that summer. Grady is still heartbroken thinking Lindsey didn't really love him and he hasn't managed to move on. He is not very happy when he sees she is back in town, especially after talking to her bff who knew nothing about him. He takes this as she really didn't care about him and so he starts trying to make her hate him. He is still drawn to her, but he acts out trying to get her to hate him so he can stay away.

Lindsey is still in love with Grady as well, and her secrets are weighing on her. I kept waiting to find out what they were, hoping they would not be something stupid. When you find out why she broke up with Grady I just thought okay that is good. I mean if I had been her I don't know what else I could have done. With the nightmare that is her mother there really wouldn't be any other option.

It took some time but they were eventually able to work everything out. Once everything came out that happened 5 years ago Grady feels so bad for treating Lindsey so poorly. Once they got together they were so sweet together. The story was very well told and I just really enjoyed it. Yes at times the writing felt a bit clunky, but I didn't care as I was enjoying the story so much. Great characters, great story, just a really good read.

Rating: 4/5

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