Review: When Girlfriends Chase Dreams (When Girlfriends #4) by Savannah Page

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A novel about chasing dreams, for better or worse, and living your love story.

Claire Linley is finally a bride! After nearly ten years with her college freshman sweetheart, Claire is going to become Mrs. Conner Whitley. She's got her bridal magazines, is the biggest Martha Stewart fan, and subscribes to all the major wedding blogs. She's been dreaming of this moment for years! How could planning her dream wedding be anything but perfect?

The easy-going and bubbly type, Claire will obviously have a blast planning, and with her fantastic group of girlfriends-made-bridesmaids she just can't go wrong. Whether it's wedding gown shopping, makeup trials, or cake-tasting, Claire's friends are there in a pinch.

But how big does the pinch get? All Claire wants to do is get married, but at every turn something seems to go awry and she's starting to lose it. How is a girl supposed to remain cool and collected when the pricy dream wedding planner isn't turning out to be so dreamy? When DIY projects and the perfect venue are going up in smoke? How is Claire supposed to marry Conner when the special day that's supposed to join them together, forever, is slowly tearing them apart?

This is the charming story about how sometimes the biggest events in life are defined by the smallest acts of kindness and love. It's a love story about dreaming large, loving deeply, and, in the end, truly having the happiest day of your life, no matter what happens (or doesn't). About what happens when girlfriends chase dreams.


No one was more surprised than me by how much I enjoyed When Girlfriends Chase Dreams! I mean it is a wedding book. A serious wedding book all about Claire planning her dream wedding and all the ups and downs that come with it. And I don't normally care about any of that. I am not a wedding person. I don't watch any of those shows like Say Yes to the Dress or anything, I find it all pretty boring. And I didn't have a traditional wedding so...I just don't care about it. I enjoyed the prior books so much though, some also surprising how much I enjoyed them, so I thought why not give it a go? Maybe it will surprise me too. And it did! I loved reading Claire and everything she goes through. 

Claire is finally getting married to her long term boyfriend Connor. She has been with him since college and it has taken a bit to get here, but he finally proposed so Claire is all set to plan her dream wedding. Only pretty much right away things don't go exactly as planned. But that is okay. Claire is resourceful and will find a way to get what she wants. Oh, she is definitely a bridezilla and she gets a bit crazy as the wedding gets closer and closer and things start really going out of control. Poor Connor and her friends who have to try and deal with super stressed out Claire. They are all there to help out however they can, but there is only so much one can do for some things. These books are really great reads and I love how you can see how close these grilfriends are. How they are always there for you and will do anything to help out. Claire might be stressed, might go a bit crazy, but they all love her and are there for her no matter what. I can't believe how much I enjoyed reading about someone planning a wedding, but enjoy it I did. I was so happy for Claire and glad to catch up with what is going on with the other girlfriends as well. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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