Covalent Bonds (Red Moon Anthologies Book 3) by Wendy Sparrow, Jeremiah Murphy, Charlotte M. Ray, Marie Piper, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Cori Vidae, Mara Malins, Tellulah Darling, G.G. Andrew

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Covalent bonds aren’t just about atoms sharing electron pairs anymore—it’s about the electricity that happens when you pair two geeks together. This anthology celebrates geeks of all kinds (enthusiasts, be it for comics, Dr. Who, movies, gaming, computers, or even grammar), and allows them to step out of their traditional supporting roles and into the shoes of the romantic lead. Forget the old stereotypes: geeks are sexy.

Featuring nine stories ranging from sweet to hot, by authors G.G. Andrew, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Tellulah Darling, Mara Malins, Jeremiah Murphy, Marie Piper, Charlotte M. Ray, Wendy Sparrow, and Cori Vidae, Covalent Bonds is a chance for geeks get their noses out of the books, and instead to be the book.


Covalent Bonds is by far the best collection of short stories I have read. I absolutely loved every one. After reading each I immediately went online to see what else the author has written. I wanted to read them all! You should definitely check out this collection. They are all ★ ★ ★ ★1/2 reads, which is crazy because I normally don't like novellas all that much. I only knew one author going into this reading, but came out with so many to check out! They are all incredible.

The Hacked Match by Wendy Sparrows 

This was such a cute read. I loved how geeky the girl was and how she doesn't date because she is too weird, but when she gets partnered up with a guy she has always had a crush on (even though she has never seen him) everything changes. It was quick, it was fun, it was wonderful. I loved the characters and how they were both instantly attracted to the other. It worked. Great read.

Issues by Jeremiah Murphy

Another really fun read. The author definitely knows how to write a short story. You don't get to know everything, but you do get a short story about two people at a comic convention. Loved it!

Addie-cted by Charlotte M. Ray

This story was so cute! Addie is a gamer who live streams quests and stuff. Trent is a fellow clansman whose computer breaks at the absolute worst time - just when they are going to have a big live stream weekend! So Addie invites him over to her place to play there (with some security measures in place). Will anything happen between these two people who obviously like each other after talking online for so long? It was so much fun!

Spoilers by Marie Piper

Another short, but sweet one. Just a story about two people who love cheesy horror movies. This one was awesome, especially since I am a cheesy horror fan myself!! I loved the references to things I also love!

Rogue Trip by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

What happens when the hottest new game is delayed getting to the big con? When two people don't start off so well because they are both stressed out, but end up having to spend a lot of time together? You get this fun story! It was another cute, fun read! I told you all of these stories are amazing!

Critical Hit by Cori Vidae

Phew! This one was really steamy! Two D&D players get left alone to play a two person quest and things start heating up. Really cute, really hot, really awesome!

Classification of Nerd by Mara Malins

Gah! This is the story of a grumpy boss and the lady who works for him. She doesn't know what his problem is, but when he finally makes his move will she be receptive? Or is she still not ready to move on from her jerk ex who always tried to control her? I loved this story so much!! I love that hate that turns to like thing that you have to watch and see if it will all work out in the end. Eek! So. Much. Fun!

Better Than Chocolate by Tellulah Darling

When the girl has a rough night and the bad boy from high school tries to steal her chocolates what is a girl to do? Another fun read!

Girl Meets Grammarian by G.G. Andrews

Will things work out between a girl who just writes freestyle and sees no need for super strict structure and diagraming of sentences and all that jazz work with a guy who is all about that structure? Can the two of them work on their differences and make something great together? Grammar was never so much fun!

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration


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