#BookBlogWriMo Day 4: Why did you start blogging?

Day 4: Why did you start blogging?

Why did I start blogging? Honestly? To get free books. That is how it all started. I was waiting for the next book in a series to come out from and author I like and she posted something that said if you have a blog and want an advanced copy to review let me know. And that was that. I had been kind of thinking about starting one before then, but was too lazy. My husband was always telling me I should start a book blog since I was reading so much, but I just kept putting it off. It is so much easier to just read books all day and not worry about anything else. That and I had started other blogs before, but never got anywhere with them as I didn't really make the time to update them as much as I should. So I figured book blogging would be the same. I would start a blog then it would fall to the wayside eventually I figured.

Only once I started blogging about books it was addictive. I loved it. I love the world it opened up to me. I never knew there were so many people out there who loved reading the same things I do. I never know how many awesome self-published authors there were. I never knew this amazing, supportive, awesome book loving world existed. I am so glad I started my blog. Yes, it was to get a free book at first, but it is so much more now. I still don't take the time to really do much with it besides post reviews and such, but I still love it. As I said before I don't take to new technology very well, I lag far behind everyone else it seems, but I do love how easy it is to connect and chat with fellow readers and authors. I am still not good with the online interactions, but I love that if I want I could write my favorite author and tell them how much their books mean to me. I love it and everything about blogging. Now to really learn German so I don't have to study so much and can get back to what I love - reading and writing about books. 


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