#BookBlogWriMo Day 11: What is the most romantic line you have read?

Day 11: What is the most romantic line you have read?

Todays prompt is a hard one for me. I read a lot of romantic books, but I wouldn't say I am a really romantic person. I know that might seem odd, but it is true. I don't really get grand romantic gestures and stuff. I don't know. I am weird. I read romance novels, but I don't like them really sappy and romantical and everything. Does that make sense? I can't do them when they are over the top romantic. Except for one of my all time favorite books, Beauty & the Mustache by Penny Reid, which is that super romantic story, but I love it. The author is an evil genius who managed to turn something I usually don't like into something I love more than anything. It is amazing.

Now what does this have to do with the most romantic line I have read? Well since I am not really super romantic...I don't have one. I have some lines that while reading I thought were super sweet, but that is more about the context of the story. When I just read them as stand alone line I just think eh. But when you wrap them in the story with the people you care so much about and what is happening then they turn into wonderful things. So I don't have one. I don't have something that I can so oh, this is soooo romantic and I love it. I just like romantic books, but not super sappy romantic books. 


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