#BookBlogWriMo Day 12-18 catch up

Wow. So I started off this month thinking this would be great, I will have a different prompt to write about every day, no problems! Then things kind of derailed fairly quickly. The elections last week in the States played a big part in that. I'm still angry about that, about the fact that Trump will be president, and the need to try and do something and protest and have my voice be heard has been really strong. This is the first time I have ever felt the need to get out there and do something. To not just sit back and let things happen. It is the first time since I moved to Germany that I wish I were still living in the states. So it has kind of consumed my life. Though I think I am starting to get a handle on it and trying to do some constructive things to try and help. So I am going to try and get this all up to date and back on track for the rest of the month. We shall see how it goes.

Day 12: #SwoonWorthySaturday – What character are you swooning over?

Instead of listing characters from books that I love love love I thought I would go with more the characteristics that I love to read. Who, in general, do I swoon over as there are prompts later in the month for individual characters.

Now as I said the other day I am not super romantic. So super swoon-worthy, super romantic, super sweet usually doesn't do it for me. Some of my favorites of the tattooed guys. The guys with dyed hair and piercings. The guys that are so tough, but so sweet, and definitely a bit of alpha in there. Oh, alpha males are hot! As long as they don't get too out of control and are jerks and try to control someone in a bad way. But yeah, tattooed alphas? Yes please!

I also like broken people. I love broken people who learn to love again and everything gets better for them. People who have had horrible things happen to them, but they learn to overcome them. There is something about reading about someone who is so down, so lost, so sad and watching them become happier and oh I just love it.

Day 13: Where do you get your books from?

As I mentioned in a few different other posts I get a lot of my books from the library. I am so glad I can still check out ebooks from the library back home. I don't know what I would do without it!

I also get a lot of books for free on Amazon, when they are on sale. I have a problem for sure. There is no way I could ever finish all the books I already have in the cloud and on my Kindle and yet I still one click more if they look interesting and are on sale/free. Yeah.

I also get a lot of books for free for blog tours and to review. I love that. I love getting to help authors out by reviewing their books. I have found some authors I love this way. They contacted me to review their book and I said sure! and the book was amazing.

Day 14: #MotivationMonday- What is the most inspirational book that you have read?

I am going to keep this one short as I have no idea. Inspirational in what sense? When I think inspirational I think of books that I don't read. Like Chicken Soup for the Soul and stuff like that. Not that there is anything wrong with them, it is just not my cup of tea. 

Now as I am thinking about it and writing this maybe Kyland by Mia Sheridan. Kyland the character is one of the best I have ever read. He is so selfless it is incredible. The things he does for those he cares about is really humbling. He doesn't have much, all the characters don't have much, but they still are willing to help wherever they can. This book, this story, these characters, made me want to be a better person. A person who devotes more time to trying to help others. To trying to ease some of their pain if I can. It was a beautiful story and did inspire me to work to be a more selfless person. 

Day 15: #TackyTuesday – What the tackiest plot or line you ever read?

This one will definitely be short as I am not sure. I am sitting here trying to think of tacky plots or lines and...I don't know. I think part of it is I don't usually think of books or lines as being tacky. I like a lot of books, I like a lot of quotes, and I hate a lot as well. But tacky? I really can't think of anything. 

Day 16: #WomanCrushWednesday – Who is your favorite heroine?

For sure Alice from The Collectors' Society by Heather Lyons. She is my all time favorite heroine. She is so badass but also fragile. She will go on the warpath and take down anyone who dares to hurt those she cares about but, as she says, her bones are like glass which can soften and melt so easily when something happens to those she loves. She is so beautifully written. Smart and fierce and everything all rolled into one. She can take care of herself and others, but she can also let them take care of her when need be. She would get angry when someone tried to mess with those she cared for, but she didn't run off half-cocked without a plan to get revenge. She took those minutes or hours she needed to get everything organized so she can take the bad guys down. I loved that she wasn't just a super badass female character. She had depth and was a fully rounded person. She was fragile at times which actually made her stronger. I love her so so much. If you haven't read these books you should. She is freakin amazing. 

Day 17: #ThrowbackThursday -What was your favorite book growing up?

How much time do you have? That is like saying what is my favorite book right now. I could go on and on. I have always been a reader. Always. From my parents reading me books when I was little, to getting books for Christmas, to going to the library every few weeks to get new books, I read all the time. So instead of listing them here I am going to link back to a post from the 2014 BookBlogWriMo talking about my favorite books as a child. It covers a lot of the ones I remember loving and still have fond memories of. You can check it out Here

Day 18: What book events are you most anticipating?

My friend and I go to one book signing every year. It started two years ago when we went up to London to meet a favorite author of ours, only she ended up not being able to attend. We just went to see what it was all about since we had paid for our tickets already and ended up having an amazing time. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by people who also love books and the same kinds of books as I do. To talk to people all day about what you read, who you read, everything was amazing. We knew hardly any of the authors, but we talked to almost all of them and had such a good time. So we then decided that every year we would pick out one to go to and get our book fix again. 

This year we went to Four Brits Book Fest which was awesome. Next year we are going to RARE 17 right here in Berlin!! That is very exciting!! To have such a great author event right here in my adopted hometown! Oh, I can't wait. I am still working my way through the authors I haven't read before (and finding some amazing new authors to follow). It is going to be great!!

Phew! There you go. The last few posts so I am all caught up. Now to see if I can stay on track and post every day for the rest of the month...


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