Let's Get Textual by Teagan Hunter

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A wrong number is supposed to be just that—a wrong number.

Delete. Done.

Do not continue to text. Do not flirt.

A wrong number shouldn’t be the first person on your mind in the morning, or the last at night…and you’re definitely not supposed to talk them into buying a baby goat.

Because that would be weird.

When Zach Hastings and I get into a wrong-number mix-up, we don’t follow the rules. We keep texting and flirting, because he’s wicked funny and perfectly nerdy and a wonderful distraction.

I’m not looking for love, and Zach definitely had the wrong number.

But maybe…

Maybe he’s the right guy.

A standalone romantic comedy.


Let's Get Textual was a cute read. I loved Zach and Delia! I loved how they met, how they got to know each other, how they fell for each other. It was adorable. 

When Delia gets a message one day from a number she doesn't know she doesn't think anything of it. Her brother is always losing his phone and getting a new number so she thinks it is him. Only she then finds out...it is some random guy. Who texted her thinking she was someone he was contacting for his work. And might have cost him the client. So when they figure this out and realize the mistake she thinks that will be that. Only he keeps texting her. And she keeps replying. Because...well because it is fun. And she is starting to like him, only she doesn't want to rush into anything. She just got out of a relationship that was more like a friendship and she thinks that is because they rushed into things. Because they did it fizzled out quickly and she doesn't want that with Zach. Because he seems fun and flirty and wonderful. 

I was curious how much of the story would just be them texting before they met up. Like how long would that take, and luckily they don't drag it out forever. Because they are both excited to meet each other and see if what they have in text could translate into real life. Maybe they have found their perfect person all because of a wrong text message. 

I really loved watching the two of them together. They were super low drama, just sweet and nice and wonderful. Zach was happy with whatever time he could spend with Delia, however they spent it. Oh, they were adorable! I didn't want to stop reading their story. And when the inevitable drama crept up (really I didn't think we would get that as they were so cute together) I loved the way it was handled. Because Zach and Delia are amazing. Sure they have flaws, sure they can make mistakes, but they can also fix them. Oh, I really enjoyed this story. It was so much fun!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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