Where I Belong by Claudia Connor

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From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and New York Times best-selling author Claudia Connor comes an exciting collaboration…

An unexpected meeting at the beach and a young nephew who won't take no for an answer, has Mia Winters' brother, Owen, falling hard and fast.

Charlotte feels something too, but violently losing her mother at a young age has her afraid to take a chance.

With only five days, Owen will have to work fast if he has any hope of winning Charlotte's heart.


Where I Belong is a sweet read. A very warm, heartfelt romance. It was not my usual read, but it was wonderful. 

Charlotte is taking a week to relax and do nothing on the beach. She still has her schedules, she can't seem to do anything without her lists, but she is determined to relax a bit. Her dad was supposed to come with her but had a last minute business thing that came up so she is alone. Not that she minds. 

Owen is a super sweet, nice, wonderful guy. He meets Charlotte when his nephew makes her go swimming with him, but he doesn't mind. She is so kind and caring and beautiful and from the first moment he sees her he knows she is something special. So he does what he can to try and get to know her. Only Charlotte is a bit caution and doesn't jump into things without thinking about it first so it takes a bit of time to get her out of her shell. I loved these two together. Yes, Charlotte still has a lot of issues based on some things that happened when she was younger, issues that mean she is a bit more cautious than she used to be, but I loved her. She is so sweet and perfect for Owen. 

I loved Owen so much. He is so wonderful with Charlotte. He knows she is something special so he is okay taking it slow and going at her pace. He just wants to spend time with her however he can. Because they are both on vacation and he only has this week to convince her that maybe they have something. Maybe they are meant to be together. 

This story was wonderful. I don't read a lot of warm fuzzy romances, but I loved this one. Owen and Charlotte really got to me and I wanted nothing but the best for them. This was my first book by this author, but it definitely won't be my last. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★★


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