Our Forever (Our Forever #1) by Elena Matthews

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When you fall in love with your best friend, it’s the kind of love that’s supposed to last forever.

Jo Donovan was a true believer of happily ever afters—until her best friend, Christopher, was killed in Afghanistan, destroying her belief that fairy-tale endings existed.

Destroying her. Destroying her world.

Five years later…

Jo finds herself still stuck in the past, unable to find closure with Christopher’s death.
When she moves to Austin, Texas, with her son, Junior, she’s finally given the fresh start she’s been desperately seeking.

What she doesn’t know is that the fresh start comes in the form of her sexy neighbor, Drew Greyson.

Their friendship starts off rocky, but eventually, a spark between them ignites. It isn’t long before that spark turns explosive, and she finds herself falling for him.

Drew wants to be her everything, her forever, but will Jo’s pain from losing Christopher stop her from following her heart?


I was really surprised how much I enjoyed Our Forever. I usually have a difficult time with books where people move on after the death of their partner because it is usually way too quick for me. Or with the best friend. A lot of times I feel like the first relationship is somehow diminished and I don't like that. You can definitely love more than one person in your lifetime, especially if the first person is taken away from you. So I don't usually read this kind of thing, but after reading the synopsis and seeing it has been five years I thought it might be alright and I will give it a try. I started reading and Jo is still so broken from the loss of her Christopher I thought how in the world will the author pull off this story and have me enjoy it? There is just no way she can be this broken and move on with her neighbor and have me be okay with it. But I was wrong. I was more than okay with it, I loved it! I loved Jo and Drew and everything that happens between them. It worked in such a wonderful way. This book was way better than I had hoped and I love when that happens!

Jo is a single mom after the loss of her first love, Christopher. She is still in a bad way, in a dark place, and doesn't know how to move on. Or if she ever will. How can you replace that person who was your everything? Why would you want to? She is strong for her son, but it is hard. When she moves to try and get a fresh start somewhere where everyone doesn't know her things don't go as planned. For one thing her neighbor is super hot, but she is definitely not ready to be thinking of him as anything other than her annoying neighbor. Only there is something there and maybe she can figure her way out of this darkness. 

Drew is Jo's neighbor and they don't meet on the best of terms. But he was incredible. I loved Drew so so much. He is so sweet and kind and funny and everything you could want. He is the best. Especially with how he is with Jo and her son. He doesn't push her or rush her or anything, he tries to just be there for her. He wants to be with her, but only if she is ready to be with him. It can be hard at times to watch the person you are starting to really care for being so upset, but it can be worth it in the end. He was so sweet and I loved how genuinely great he was. If he cares about you he would do anything for you which he more than proved with his past actions. When we find out about his life and how it could have been very different right now if he has been selfish I fell for him even more. He was amazing and I was so happy that he found Jo. I know they have a rocky start, and some things happen along the way that I expected to happy and wasn't looking forward to, but the author handled them so much better than I had hoped. This was a really surprising wonderful read for me. I can't wait to read more from this author. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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