Catering to the CEO by Samantha Chase

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Jaded CEO Adam Lawrence knew exactly how to get what he wanted in business and in the bedroom. When independent, sexy and impossible to ignore Cassie Jacobs dares to best him on a business deal, Adam vows revenge. But how far can he go when the two find out that they about to become family?


Catering to the CEO was such a fun read! Cassie and Adam were so great together! I love their banter and back and forth. Oh, it was fun!

Cassie has a catering business that she loves. Cooking is her thing, the thing she loves, the thing she does for those she cares about, it is her thing. Whenever they have a family get together she cooks. She has been working with Adam and his company for a while now, but her catering business is still new. She can't afford to let arrogant Adam make last minute changes that will cost her too much. Changes that are outside the terms of their contract. She can't back down no matter what. And Adam doesn't take kindly to that. He vows to get revenge on her because he is always right and what he says goes. Only they then find out that his mom and her dad are getting married. So they will have to see each other at family gatherings throughout the years. So maybe they can try and be civil...

Oh, these two were fun. They have that don't really like each other turns to liking the other when you get to know them thing going on. But how can they start something that might end and leave awkward family gatherings for years to come? Especially when Cassie's siblings will definitely have her back. And Adam doesn't want a relationship. He doesn't believe in love. So why does he want to be around Cassie so much? Why does he care how she is feeling and want to be there for her?  I really enjoyed reading their story. And their banter was awesome!

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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