Need You for Keeps (Heroes of St. Helena #1) by Marina Adair

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When it comes to caring for the furry residents of St. Helena, California, groomer and pet rescuer Shay Michaels can handle anything. Humans are another story, though especially Deputy Jonah Baudouin. He's the town's resident superhero: upright, uptight, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, even when he's investigating complaints about Shay's beloved foster animals. And that spells danger for Shay, a free spirit who can't risk trusting the wrong person again.

Jonah and Shay have been circling each other ever since she came to town, and he's running out of reasons to "not" kiss her senseless. But this deputy is a straight shooter with his eye on the sheriff's badge. He can't afford to get involved with Shay, a chaos magnet with luscious curves who's liable to turn his career and his life upside down. He enforces laws. She breaks them repeatedly. Keeping her out of trouble is becoming a full-time job and it's one he hopes is never going to end.


Need You For Keeps was a cute, fun read. Shay was adorable and I loved how much she cared for her animal friends. And Jonah was so sweet! He knows he should stay away from Shay, but he can't. There were perfect for each other.

Shay has a soft spot for animals. She is always rescuing strays and bringing them into her home. Even though you can only have so many, she doesn't care. She can't turn her back on an animal in need. Even if it might get her into trouble.

Jonah is a cop. He is supposed to be upholding the law, but when he has to investigate complaints against Shay and her animals things get a little tricky. He doesn't want to do anything to hurt her, he is running out of reasons not to kiss her silly, but he also has to do his job. He wants to become sheriff as he thinks he could really help the town, but is getting involved with whirlwind Shay really the way to do that?

These two were really cute together. Jonah tries to help Shay however he can and Shay gets him to open up a little bit more than he was. They were wonderful together and I loved reading all of the adventures they had. This was a really cute read. Now on to read more.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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