Love Walks In (Shaughnessy Brothers #2) by Samantha Chase

love walks in
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Book #2 in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Chase’s dazzling new series.

The Shaughnessy Brothers are back

He lives by a schedule. Aubrey Burke is on the run from an about-to-be-disastrous mistake when resort owner Hugh Shaughnessy catches her climbing through his office window. Until Aubrey tumbled into his life, Hugh had relied on work and discipline to safeguard a heart damaged by family tragedy. Now his careful world will never be the same.

She lives for the moment. Hugh’s approach to life and love is the opposite of Aubrey’s, but she soon finds herself falling hard for the handsome hotel mogul. There’s a darker reason behind her “live for today” attitude than Hugh could possibly know, but for the first time Aubrey dares to hope this man’s love might make it worth taking a chance on the future.


Love Walks In was a cute read. Hugh and Aubrey were so sweet together and I loved watching them fall in love. I really enjoy these Shaughnessy Brothers books. 

Hugh is not a spontaneous person. He used to get into a bit of trouble as a kid until everything changed. Now he is trying to have every moment of his life planned out so that there are no surprises. If he has control over everything then nothing bad can happen right? Only life doesn't work that way. He has always lived for his schedules and never liked to be spontaneous, but when he sees Aubrey sneaking into his office window he didn't expect her to change everything. 

Aubrey has done what others told her her whole life. She has always tried to live up to what her mom and dad want trying to win their approval. But she has finally had enough and she can't go through with the latest craziness. She just can't. It is time for her to start standing up for herself and stepping outside the box. She is finally ready to try new things and live for the moment! Only she meets Hugh who is not so big on that. Hugh who she can't seem to stay away from even though he is her boss. Hugh who makes her feel like she is home. 

I loved watching Huge really step outside himself and open up a little bit. It is baby steps, but oh that guy. He keeps so much bottled up, but luckily he has so many great people in his life who really care about him. I loved getting to see the rest of his family again and watching him figure out what he wants. Sure there are bumpy roads to travel, some hard times near the end, but it all works out in the end. This book was fun and sweet and everything expect from a book by this author. Another great read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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