The Summer I Fell (The Six #1) by Sonya Loveday

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“So you wanna be part of the Six, huh? You wish…”
~Jared, Ace, Mark, Josh, Aiden & Eli

Riley Clifton can’t remember a time when she wasn’t a part of the Six, a group of rowdy boys who would do just about anything for her. Growing up alongside of six guys is never easy. Especially in high school. Falling in love with one of the Six? Even harder when Ace has a hold of her heart, and he doesn’t even know it. 
Jake (Ace) Aceton has loved Riley for a long time, but has kept the secret oath of the Six. Riley was off limits. At least until after graduation. When he overhears Riley admitting to her best friend, Paige how she feels about him, Ace doesn't let his chance slip by. Riley, in his mind, has always been his.
When her college plan falls through, and her future is left to the hands of fate, Riley finds herself scrambling to keep up with all the changes. But that's not the hardest part. The hardest part is saying good-bye, especially to Ace. 

Heartache, hard lessons, and a love deeper than her Alabama roots will threaten to crumble Riley’s world as she waits for Ace’s return. 

Will Riley and Ace’s love be strong enough to hold them together when life tries to tear them apart? 


I feel like I read a completely different book than everyone else. I read the synopsis and thought this sounds promising so I looked to the reviews to see if I should read it. Most of them are glowing reviews for how amazing this story was, how you feel all the feels and you don't want it to ever end and just so much love for the story. So I started reading The Summer I Fell and was just confused. It was not good. I did not feel any feels, it ends in a major cliffhanger but I don't care enough to go find book two to see what happens. That right there says a lot. A book can be just so so, but have a cliffhanger ending and I will at least look to see if I can find out what happens through other reviews or something, if not read the next book, but with this one I just can't. 

The Summer I Fell is the story of Riley and her 6 guy friends. It starts on graduation night, but that didn't make a whole lot of sense since everyone ended up leaving pretty quick. Like Mark started college right away? He decided to start in summer quarter?? I don't know. I thought we would get to see the last summer of the six, see Riley and Ace fall in love, see lots of fun times between this tight knit group of friends and see how they try and deal with being separated. What you get instead is this constant stream of Riley being sad because everyone is going off and living their dreams while she is still stuck in their small town. She didn't get her scholarship to vet college so I guess that means she just gives up and does nothing (even though she does have options for ways to pay for school she refuses to take anyones help. Much better to just be all poor me, my life is so hard. Ugh). 

One of the biggest issues with this book is it tells not shows. It says how close everyone is, but I never felt that. I never got to see why everyone was such good friends, really feel like I was a part of the group or even sad that it was breaking up. Sure Riley kept telling me, but I didn't feel it. There was also too much explaining who people are and what they were like. Like Riley would say something about Jared then go on to explain who he was in the group, how he was important to everyone, just too much telling me his role and not showing me. It also seemed like at some point during the story she thought how every person was the one who kept the group together and without them they would all drift hopelessly apart. 

The other big issues? It didn't often make sense to me. Like why do the guys constantly lie to Riley? For no reason? Especially Ace. If he really loved her forever why would he lead her to believe he would be around when he knew he wouldn't be? That makes no sense! Speaking of Ace...the whole "romance" between the two of them was not good. It felt very...rushed maybe. Like their first time was over in about a minute, if that, and was one of the least sexy things I have read. Ace hears Riley tell her bff she loves him, he storms in, immediately takes off all her clothes and his (this maybe takes 10 seconds) then he is immediately in her and they both come in two seconds. No warm up, not talking, no saying sweet nothings to each other, nothing to make me connect with the characters at all. Nope just silent, awkward sex. At least for me. And that is just the way it was every time. I didn't see the connection between the two at all, they barely seemed to talk, they would just have sex in 30 seconds flat then go hang out with the rest of their friends. Sorry, but I want a little more finesse with my guys. I want him to seem to be into the girl and not just getting off as quickly as he possibly can. It was not good. 

So there was lots of bad with the story. I'm trying to think of something I liked, but I can't really. It was flat, too quick with some things (like the romance), but really slow with others (how long do I have to read about how sad it is that everyone is leaving?) and just not a very good read. And that ending. I was just like seriously? You are really trying to go there? Okay...I am done. If I had been enjoying the book at all the ending completely ruined it for me. Not because it was a cliffhanger, but because of what the cliffhanger is. Lame to the tenth degree. Not the book for me.



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