Infinite (Harmony #3.5) by Angela Graham

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A wedding companion to the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Harmony Series. 

Some dreams are forever just that: a longing void never filled, the desire for something always out of reach. It’s only when fate steps in that your world can be forever changed. 
Lovers enter your life in many different forms—a young crush, or an unavoidable collision. Some are hopeless encounters, others sculpting experiences. 
But when your soul finds its mate, the bond is…Infinite. 

To avoid spoilers start with Inevitable, book 1 in the Harmony series, now free!


If you are like me you have read and loved the Harmony series. I fell for Cassandra and Logan right from the beginning, as well as Oliver as he is just too cute, and loved reading their story. When I found out we would get an extra novella for their wedding I was so so excited! I mean I would read any little extra bits about them, either together or separate (like Logan's prequel novella). They are just characters I love, some of my favorite books, and who wouldn't want just a little bit more? 

Infinite is the story of Cassandra and Logan on the way to the alter. You should have read the other books in the series before this one or you will be lost. You won't know the characters or why they are in the situations they are in. That being said I loved this extra time with them. Hilary and Caleb are so cute, Cassandra and Logan I just love, and Oliver steals the show once again. Really love these characters and loved seeing them get married off to their happily ever afters. A quick read, but I loved every minute of it. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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