Room for You (Cranberry Inn #1) by Beth Ehemann

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Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.

I tried to pick up the pieces and glue them back together the best I knew how, but something was always missing.

A father for my two girls.

But then, Brody Murphy landed on my doorstep, literally. He was a carefree, playful hockey player who barged into my life and messed with my head. He left me more confused than I had ever been.

What if the one thing I thought I needed was the only thing holding me back? 


Room for You was a cute read. Kacie, Brody and the twinkies (Brodies adorable nickname for Kacie's twin daughters) were cute together even if Kacie was a bit much at times.

Kacie is one of those girls who is so afraid of getting hurt again she just keeps everything structured and simple. Her father left her when she was younger, and she blames herself. Then her first boyfriend was horrible, treated her not so good, but knocked her up and then left her as well. She tried really hard to make it work with her girls' dad, Zach, but I am not sure why. When you see what Zack was like those girls are probably way better off without him. She is one of those people who is like even though Zach is horrible and treats me like dirt, will probably treat our children horribly, I want to try and make it work so they will have a father. That drives me crazy as is a horrible father really better than no father figure? So ever since Zach Kacie has not even considered having a relationship with someone else. First her father left, then Zach, so she can't trust men. They will always leave.

When a storm strands Brody, a famous hockey player, at Kacie's inn things heat up between them. Brody knows there is something there between them, that there could be something good with Kacie, and he doesn't care that they live in different towns or that his hockey schedule could make it difficult to see each other. He knows she is worth it. And her two daughters who are adorable. He falls for them all. Only Kacie doesn't want to let him in. She is so judgemental in the beginning it is crazy. She finds out he is a famous hockey player and is just like well....that is never going to happen. His type of lifestyle will never fit in with hers. She just keeps trying to push him away, but he keeps trying to get her to let loose a little bit. To have some fun once and a while. What will her daughters learn from her if she is always so strictly structured? Kacie really could use Brody in her life. He really makes her take a step outside her comfort zone and see that everything doesn't have to fall apart just because you relax for a minute.

Of course there is a bit of back and forth between them. And some mean girls who Kacie just believes because she is not very self confident. But things work out in the end. Only there is a second book and that epilogue...While I did enjoy this book, even when Kacie was being frustrating, I am not sure that I want to read book two. I am not sure I could handle where it might go. I could be way off, but Kacie has never made good decisions which worries me with book two. Through this book she has tried to hold onto horrible people and situations while trying to push away the good. I just don't want to go back to square one again. We shall see how it goes. It might surprise me and be better than I am expecting.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


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