Thrill Book One by Lucia Jordan



‘Even beneath that tailored suit that bespoke wealth and privilege, Brandon Maxwell’s dark desires couldn't be concealed.’

Hannah Wilson is having a bad day. Her cruel boss, Craig Allen, has just trashed the presentation that she’s been slaving over. This time she’s had enough. She’s going to tear up the presentation, march back inside, and quit. She’s sick of controlling, pushy men wreaking havoc in her life.

So when a mysterious stranger intervenes to ask if she’s OK, Hannah is in no mood to entertain his enquiry. She just wants to be left alone. But when she discovers that this mysterious stranger is none other than her next big client, and just looking at him sets her lust aflame, she starts to realize that she may be in over her head. 

Brandon’s on a mission to protect Hanna - but will he find a way to give up her control and surrender to his power?

Only mature readers should download this book.


Thrill was not a very good read. If it were not so short I wouldn't have finished it. 

Hannah's is not having a very good day. First her jerk of a boss trashes her presentation, then this infuriatingly good looking guy is nice to her on the street, then it turns out he is her companies next big client. She shouldn't want him, but immediately she just cannot say no to him. She wants him cause...I don't know. He is good looking and just has this hold over her. Ugh. Really she comes off as this weak, naive girl who I just didn't care about at all. And Brandon? Well he is all alpha male dominant and wants a submissive. Sure, I like that, but not the way this was written. I just kept thinking what am I reading? Is this like a 50 Shades wannabe? I have never read 50 Shades so I cannot say, but this seems to be like what people say it is. I don't know. 

These two quickly jump to sexy time with Brandon immediately wanting to dominate her. He will own her. My real problem is at first she keeps saying no, but yes at the same time so it was like wait - are you okay with this? You are not being very clear right now. Because if you are not okay with this then this is not cool...For example:

"'Are you fine with this so far?' he whispered against her lips. 
Hannah shook her head wildly. 'No. But I know I want to stay right here.'" 

So you are not okay with what is happening, but you want to continue? I am confused. You keep saying no, but you want to go on so really that is a yes? It annoyed me to no end as no shouldn't mean yes (unless it is talked about before hand and you have a safe word). Eventually he does give her a safe word and then it is better. Then it is not so confusing and frustrating for me. 

Also something that I just thought was odd was Hannah refers to her naval as where her sexual tension is. 

"Gasping, Hannah clutched his hands in an oblivious attempt to stop her feelings spiralling out of control in her navel."

Every time it made me stop and be like really? I don't know about you, but my navel is not where I feel sexy time feelings. Every time it just made me squint like what? It just sounds odd to me. Really this is just a quick read, one part of a story, and is pretty much just sexy times. It did not work for me. 


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