Release Day: The Company Store by H.D. Gordon

Woohoo! The new H.D. Gordon book is now available!! And on sale for $0.99 today only so go grab your copy now!

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Thanks to the greed of man, Earth is dying. Climate change and human greed has wrought mass destruction over the planet, and a fraction of the population remains. 

The Company Store controls the last civilization, known as the Single Nation Circle. Those outside the Circle are Outliers, outcasts and gangsters who do whatever it takes to survive.

Samuel Poe is the 18-year-old leader of the Poe Boys, the Northern Outlier gang. With resources ever dwindling, Sam knows he must be the toughest of the dogs fighting over the scraps if he hopes to keep himself and his people alive.

When Sam meets Anna Rose, daughter of Mr. Company, the most powerful man in the dying world, he finds himself in a deadly race toward resources and a new life. 

Much like those of their ancestors, the choices of the two star-crossed teenagers will echo through the ages, the fate of the human race resting on their shoulders.


*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

When I saw H.D. Gordon had a new book coming out I was very excited. I knew I would want to read it no matter what it was about. She is one of those authors that I will read anything she writes. Climate change destroys world and what happens after? Sure sign me up. Thankfully this book was as good as I had hoped it would be. 

The Company story is about the earth after we haven't done anything to fix climate change. There is not enough food or water or anything. There are rules and restrictions for what resources you can use. Things are bad. There is a central city, run by the Company, where you are provided for if you sign up to work for them forever. If you don't choose to work for them then you are relegated to the Outliers, the areas around the city. Of course the company is not very good. They have lots of rules and regulations that only the people working for them must follow. The whole idea is human greed has ruined the earth, but it never really goes away. Of course there are still greedy people trying to gain power and control everything. Hopefully the good people will be able to take over and change things for the better. 

The Outliers are ruled by a few different groups. Different areas are different groups turf. Sam is a warrior, but he doesn't like it. He doesn't like hurting people, but he will to protect his loved ones. He is an amazing character. He is so kind to those most would have disregard. He cares for the people most in need of protection. He lives in the cold north, in the forrest and mountains that are always freezing. He has a loyal following since he is so kind to his people. He never wanted this, but he will do what he can to protect them. I loved him. 

Anna Rose is the daughter of the head Company man. She is beautiful and when Sam finds her in a tricky situation in the Outliers he steps in and helps her out. He keeps getting put into situations where she is involved, and their destinies seem to be aligned. She liked him and he likes her and maybe they can try and start over. Maybe they can make the world a better place once again. 

Sam does not have an easy go of it. The are plenty of Company guards who are not good people and think nothing of beating up the Outliers. There are people who don't like that he is friendly with Anna Rose. There are just plenty of people after him and he gets into some pretty bad situations. He is a survivor though and he is strong. He was great to read.

Anna Rose and Sam kind of have to work together to try and save humanity. I loved all the talk of what happened to get to the point they are at today. How greed and corruption lead to the downfall of the planet. I do feel like I see that right now and it is sad. We need to work together if we want a future here on earth. Books like this just make me think about what else I could be doing to try and help, to try and fix things before they are too late.

This book was a fun read even if it does have a more serious message woven into it. It is an adventure story with Sam trying to keep his people safe. I will say when I found out about halfway through what the plan was, what Anna Rose was going to do, I was a bit disappointed at first. I just thought this is not going to play out very well, but I went with it. Of course I should have just know this author would do a great job with the story and I would love it regardless. Really I got to the end and was just like oh my goodness! That was awesome! It was fantastic. I loved it. Another great read by this amazing author

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


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