A Journal of Sin by Darryl Donaghue

A Journal of Sin


A village, isolated by a severe storm, and a young officer, alone and out of her depth. A troubled priest is brutally murdered, leaving behind a journal of the resident's confessional secrets; secrets certain people would prefer he took to the grave. 

As word spreads, the pressure rises as the eyes of the town watch her every move. With no forensic team, no support and a savage killer hiding in a turbulent town, is PC Sarah Gladstone up to the task?


I was really looking forward to reading A Journal of Sin. The synopsis intrigued me. A priest who wrote down people's sins is murdered? Sign me up. Unfortunately this story was not as good as I had hoped. 

There is a bad storm in a small town and the main character, Sarah, just happens to get stranded there. She had been visiting her mother and is the only cop in town. When the priest gets murdered one of the townspeople comes to her to help out and try and figure out who did it.

The townspeople were all worried that the priest's journals would become public knowledge. A few were really worried about what he journals would reveal. They didn't want their dirty laundry aired for everyone to know. So some of them are trying to help to try and be able to read the journals and make sure they don't say anything bad about them.

Sarah is out of her league with this investigation. She joined the police force two years ago, but apparently hasn't learned much. She is trying her best to keep the evidence and body in tact, but because of the storm and lack of supplies she doesn't have a lot of options. She just seems to bumble her way through things. She can't even talk to the townspeople without being all nervous and making herself look like she doesn't know what she was doing. I didn't care for her as she didn't seem to know what to do most of the time. She didn't understand simple things like you cannot just barge in and make someone talk. It was not that good.

The other thing is I knew who the killer was right from the moment they was introduced. I kept thinking is it really going to be this character? I mean it is obvious it is, but maybe it is one of those tricky ones where it makes you think one thing only to have it be something different. Unfortunately that was not the case. It was the obvious choice.

Really all of the characters were kind of flat for me. I had such high potential for this story, but it just didn't work out. I found myself not really caring what happened pretty quickly so it wasn't that much fun to read.

Rating: ★★

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