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My name is Dallas 'Edge' Masson and I'm the Soulless Bastards MC's enforcer.
I was raised by an evil bastard.
The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
I have personal business.
Whisper is my business.
I will be her judge and jury.
My father may have been Hell's Bastard, but he was still my father.
They say blood is thicker than water. 
I'm about to find out.


Life has been a bitch to me.
I don't even know my full name.
I was a secret.
Miss Catherine changed my life.
I have friends.
I trust in people.
But then it all had to be wrenched away from me.


Phew I read Wrenched was a dark romance and it really was. I got to the end of the book and was just like where is my next book?!? and was an intense one to read. I am really curious to see what happens next. How is this all going to play out. 

When I first started reading Wrenched I thought I don't know about this. The style of writing for the first chapter or two was just not my favorite. It reminded me of the authors first book and how at first I didn't know about that, but as it went on I fell in love with the story. This was the same way for me. Once you really got into Whispers past and everything it was just like woah. This is amazing and dark and everything I love. Not sure why I don't like the beginning of the story so much, but by the end I just wanted more and more.

Whisper has not had a good life up until this point. Really her past, everything she went through...I cannot imagine. I cannot imagine going through all that and yet being the strong person that she is. Yes she has to get used to having people care about her and such, but man. She is so sweet and kind even after everything and she manages to stumble upon some amazing people who help her out. Miss Catherine I just loved. Really all of the people who help her out were so amazing. It is like even though they didn't know each other long they all have Whispers back. They would do anything for her. So good. 

Then we have Edge. Man he was hot, but kind of scary. He is not someone you would want to cross. Yeah, he is this tough motorcycle club enforcer. Normally I don't like MC guys, but Edge I loved immediately. He is tough and would kill you without thinking twice about it, but there is just something about him. I can't wait to get to  know him more. I love who he is in relation to everything else that is happening. It is somehow poetic to me that things would work out like this. It might seem odd if you have read the story, but I really enjoy it. 

So this book was an entertaining read even if it was also hard to read at times because of what happens. This story is dark, it is gritty, it is intense, but it is also sweet and beautiful and amazing. Whisper has been through so much I just want every good thing for her. I want her to have a happily ever after. It might be rough getting there, but she is strong enough to get through whatever obstacles are put in her way. It was really a great read. I got the the end and just wanted more. I cannot wait for the next book!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


One bullet to maim and cause pain...

Oooph! Is all I can grunt out as I’m slammed sideways into the ground from the place I had been stalking my prey.

One second I was aiming at the old whore so I could give her a taste of pain before we got down to business, and the next I’m bulldozed sideways as I pull the trigger, my head bouncing off the ground like a crash dummy.


A body has landed on me and the next thing I feel is a jaw crunching blow to my face which feels like a sledge hammer has tried to take my head off. I’m left dazed and disorientated.

I was pissed before, but now I’m fucking furious, rage has me twisting about on the ground trying to see what the fuck just happened.

About the Author:
Emma James lives in Queensland, Australia with her supportive husband, three children and a big black Labrador. Life is busy and most entertaining in the James household.

Writing has been a part of her life for many years. Life was getting on and it was time to put her fears aside and do what she does best. It was time to show readers what she was made of, take that leap off the diving board and see where it takes her.

Emma is a creative person at heart. She loves to read as much as write, devouring books into the wee hours of the morning. Who needs sleep, right?

She loves hearing from readers, so please feel free to drop her a PM on Facebook.

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