To Have and To Harm (Remedy #2) by Debra Doxer

To Have and to Harm (Remedy Book 2)


She kept everyone from harm, except herself…

Raielle’s life was shrouded in secrets. Her power was a secret and so was her past. When she came to Fort Upton, everything changed. She discovered her family, and she found the boy who would own her heart forever. But it couldn’t last. Knowing so little about her power nearly destroyed her. She had to leave and break both their hearts.

Now she’s back in California, and she doesn’t have to hide who she is anymore. But there is no relief in that because she’s drowning in regret. She knew it would take a miracle or a sin to save her, and there was no miracle. Her survival came at too high a price. She found her father, but she can’t go back to Lucas until she finds redemption. 

She saved him. Then she left him…

She came out of nowhere and changed him forever, then she disappeared and left him reeling. Her whole life, she never had anyone who really loved her. Until him. Did she think he wouldn’t come for her? Did she believe she wasn’t worth it? 

Lucas leaves everything behind to follow Raielle. When he finds her, she’s a pale shadow of the girl he remembers. Her power is betraying her and so are the people around her, but one thing hasn’t changed. She selflessly wants to save the world, and he just wants to save her.

With more secrets to uncover and dark truths to face, Raielle and Lucas must make sacrifices for each other. But in the end, will those sacrifices bring them closer together or tear them apart? When he’s forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, will she turn her back on everything she believes in to save him again?

~ This book is intended for mature readers due to sexual situations and strong language.


I was so excited to read To Have and To Harm and see how Raielle and Lucas wold work everything out. I loved the first book, loved both of them, so I was expecting to love this one as well. Only I didn't. Raielle was soooo annoying in this book! She turned into this stupid whiny poor me girl that I just couldn't stand. Some slight spoilers ahead.

The book opens with Raielle with her father in LA. She has been cured and she is oh so upset about that since she was unconscious and they just gave her disease to someone else without her knowledge. This makes her a bad person because...well I will be honest I don't really understand why she thinks she did something wrong here. I get she doesn't want to kill anyone just to save herself, but she didn't. Her father and others took that choice away from her. So...stop moping about how terrible you are. Be angry with those who did it without your consent. 

Then she is also mopey poor me I miss Lucas sooo much, but he wouldn't want me anyways as I am a terrible person blah blah blah blah blah. It was just like please stop. Just I will do anything to make this whining stop. She could have called Lucas at any time, but she doesn't. She would much rather be all I am setting him free, but I am going to whine about how much I miss him cause that will be awesome. Even when she finds him again, when he shows up because others are worried about her so they think Lucas will help her take care of herself, she is still whiny about it! He couldn't possibly still want her, she keeps hurting him, poor her nothing she can do about it but be all poor me. Ugh, she really got on my nerves. I just wanted to shake her like snap out of it!! Stop with the poor me your life is so hard no one loves you bs! Just stop. Get it together and do something!!

Then she is also incredibly stupid. I mean her father is obviously evil, but yet she refuses to believe he is really evil. I mean he has shown a few times how he doesn't really care about others, but he is not bad. So what he will kill people if it helps him, she should trust him...she just makes idiot decision after idiot decision and it drove me crazy! Lucas kept trying to make her see reason which of course he could not. I understand wanting to know about your powers and abilities, but maybe after learning that your father is manipulating you to try and keep you under his thumb you might be just the slightest bit wary of him. Just a bit, not just like oh I keep hearing rumors about bad things he does, but that cannot be true since he totally seems like he would do everything everyone has ever said he has. She has no self preservation, but it is one thing to sacrifice yourself to help someone else. It is another to just put yourself in stupid situations which might get you killed for no reason and which will hurt Lucas again and again and again. 

So Lucas...he is a saint. I have no idea how he put up with Raielle and all of her disregard for him and anyone else who cares about her. I honestly don't know how he could stand to just watch her make such stupid decisions. How can he stand her always being angry with him for not liking the fact that she is just being an idiot? He must really love her to put up with everything she puts him through. I liked him and his chapters, but they broke my heart to see how Raielle treats him. When you get to the end, the happily ever after, it really was just good because finally Lucas has what he wants. Finally Raielle thinks of him before doing things. Finally he is happy. I really couldn't have cared less what happened to her, only that if she died or something that would have destroyed Lucas. I only cared for his sake as she just turned into this person I hated. Unfortunate as I loved her in the first book. Oh well, at least this was the end of the road.

Rating: ★ ★

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