Falling Into Forever (The Springs #2) by Elena Aitken

Falling Into Forever: Small Town Holiday Romance (The Springs Book 2)


Welcome Back to The Springs!

The last thing Officer Rhys Anderson expected to encounter at the end of his quiet Sunday afternoon shift was a beautiful woman stranded by the side of the road in his hometown of Cedar Springs. After that one chance meeting, and despite the fact that Rhys knows there’s something Kari’s hiding, he can’t keep his mind off her. 

All Kari Fox wanted to do was run as far away from her life, and her controlling ex-husband, as possible. She never planned to end up stuck in a small mountain town, and she definitely never expected to fall for the handsome police officer who helped her.

With a good job at the Springs resort, good friends and a steamy new relationship, things are finally beginning to go right, and Kari might even be starting to believe that she has a future in Cedar Springs. 

But Kari has secrets. Secrets that threaten to destroy everything she’s trying to create, including her relationship with Rhys. As the truth comes to light, will their connection be strong enough to withstand the truth of her past?


I wasn't sure how well I would like Falling Into Forever. I mean the first book in this series was just a light read and this one has a more serious subject matter so I wasn't sure if it would work. Somehow it did. It was still a light, fast read, but it did have a bit of a darker storyline as well. It was fun and things wrapped up quickly, but I enjoyed it.

Rhys grew up in Cedar Springs and moved away once he graduated high school. After living in the city for a number of years he has come back to be the cop in town. He used to date Beth, who if you read the first book she is a minor character in there as well. He thinks he is over her, and they are still good friends. He is happy enough with where he is in life and things are good. Then he answers a call and finds Kari and her broken down car.

Kari escaped the city after some not so good things happened to her. She doesn't trust easy and she is a bit skittish when she first arrives, but there is just something there between Rhys and her. She likes him, though she is not really sure what if anything to do about that.

They have a few small hiccups before things go well for them, but they were cute together. The ending was a bit too quick and easy, but so is the entire book so it worked. Do I think things are fine and Kari will never have to worry about something happening again? No, not really. You don't really know what happens after the incident so who knows. Maybe it comes up in passing in the next book, but Rhys and Kari are happy together so that is all that really matters. A fun, quick, light read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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