Loved So Long (The Callahan's #1) by Shauna Leigh Williams

Loved So Long: The Callahan's Book 1


Amy Callahan has loved her older brother's best friend and cowboy, Beau Weston, forever. When Beau rides into town after a mysterious three year absence, Amy discovers the love she harbors may not be as unrequited as she thought. Can Amy overcome her insecurities and win Beau's heart for her own?


Loved So Long was a quick, fun read. Some of the conversations and way things were worded were just a little cheesy, but I liked that. It just made it a really fun read.

Amy has always had a crush on her brothers friend Beau. He is a few years older than her, and when he starts to feel like he cannot control his feelings for Amy he leaves. He leaves with the plan to come back once she is a few years older and be with her. Of course he never tells her this, he just leaves one night without a word.

Three years later Beau is back in town, but Amy doesn't know why he came back.  She still hasn't really gotten over him, but is it foolish of her to still pine after him? Or does he actually like her too? Will she finally get what she has always wanted?

Beau has some things to take care of, some family business, so he doesn't get to talk to Amy right away. He hints that there might be something there, that he might like her, but she is left not knowing where things stand. This was just a fun, lighthearted read. Watching Amy and Beau get together was just so much fun. It is a short, quick read but really entertaining.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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