A Different Shade of Blue (Shades of Blue #2) by Hildie McQueen

A Different Shade of Blue, Shades of Blue, Book 2


A Different Shade of Blue:

When Nora Banks hides in a hayloft to find a moment of peace, she doesn't expect the man she's loved from afar for years to climb up and join her, or that both their fathers find them in such a compromising situation.

The last thing Grayson Cole wants is to be attached to the only woman that's affected him since his late wife. Now that everyone expects him to marry her, can he risk that kind of pain again?

Neither Nora nor Grayson plan to go through with the marriage, not when their pasts are obstacles too great to overcome. But when the tides turn and those that demanded the wedding now try pull them apart, they decide to fight it.


A Different Shade of Blue was a kind of ridiculous but fun read. I wasn't expecting it to be old timey, but it was just a little bit. Everything happened super quick, things were just resolved or taken care of or whatever pretty instantly, but it was still a fun read.

Nora is the single school teacher in town. She doesn't have any hopes of marrying since something happened a while ago that will make it so no man will want her. She has always had a crush on Grayson, but she knows she will never have a chance with him.

Grayson was married for a short time, but unfortunately lost his wife way too soon. Since then he has not wanted to be with someone like that again. He is afraid of losing someone else he comes to care about like that. When he gets caught in the hayloft with Nora her parents are adamant that he will marry her. Even though it is all a big misunderstanding, nothing happened, they are supposed to be engaged and he will start courting her.

Grayson doesn't really know what to do with Nora. He wants to be around her, she is the first person since his late wife that he would like to get to know more, but he is still afraid. They do get closer and it was fun watching them come together. There are some bumps in the road, some people from the past come back and force Nora to deal with what happened, and it was a fun read. Like I said things happen pretty quickly so you are not waiting long for anything to resolve itself. There were a few times where the writing or conversation was a bit odd to me, but I still enjoyed it. It was just things were said too abruptly or something, but oh well. It was a fun read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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