Kiss a Girl in the Rain (Take a Chance #1) by Nancy Warren

Kiss a Girl in the Rain (Take a Chance Book 1)


In this sexy, humorous contemporary romance, a lost dog brings together a wealthy drifter and a small town doctor and changes all their lives forever. 

Evan Chance is a man out to complete the bucket list he made as a kid, starting with ride a motorcycle across America. Caitlyn Sorenson is the sexy country doctor standing in his way. Or is she the dream he’s been searching for? 

Evan's Amazing Life List 
1. Ride a motorcycle across America 
2. Kiss a girl in the rain 
3. Swim in every ocean… 

When Evan Chance gives up a successful corporate law career to tackle the bucket list he wrote when he was twelve, he has no idea where the road will lead him. 

Caitlyn Sorenson is a happily settled small town doctor. When a sexy drifter rolls into town after a motorcycle accident leaves him stranded in Miller's Pond for a few days with the homeliest dog ever, she can smell trouble even as she's drawn to a man who is only passing through town. 

But some scorching hot nights and a blooming tenderness mean two people will have to face up to the challenges of love. 

From USA Today Bestselling Author Nancy Warren comes the first in an exciting new series of sexy, humorous romances about a family named Chance.


Kiss a Girl in the Rain is a cute, well written story. This is another one where I thought it would just be a quick summer read but it was actually more. The writing was great, the story well thought out, it was just a really good read. 

Evan is a successful lawyer at one of the top firms in Seattle. He has a great mentor and second father figure he works with and a girlfriend who is also a lawyer at the firm. When his mom sends him his list of life goals he wrote when he was 12 and he realize he did not accomplish much since then he is a bit unsettled. He is not really liking his life at the moment, and when his mentor passes and he sees his girlfriend for what she really is, what they really are, he gets out. He is off to have adventures and complete his list, only he doesn't get very far. He gets stuck in a small town not far from where he started waiting for a part for his bike. 

Caitlyn came from a wasp family. She was never good enough no matter what she did. She was a fancy surgeon in New York City and was living the life her parents wanted for her, always trying to gain their approval. Of course it never came and when things start to go south she runs to her grandfathers practice in the same small town Evan gets stuck in. She is the doctor there and tries to keep her life neat and organized and safe. That doesn't include having an affair with the hot drifter, but she decides to go for it. 

They both know Evan is leaving soon, but they can't stay away. It was nice watching these two very different but very similar people find their way together. They were sweet and you know what will happen at the end, but still it was a sweet read. I really enjoy it and all of the characters in the book. From the homely dog to the crazy towns people offering Evan everything from a job to places to live it was a lot of fun. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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