Juliette and the Monday ManDates (Gustafson Girls #1) by Becky Doughty

Juliette and the Monday ManDates: The Gustafson Girls Book 1


Juliette Gustafson is heart-broken after waiting nearly ten years for a proposal from her boyfriend that never came. Determined she isn’t “getting over Mike” quickly enough, her three sisters devise The Monday ManDates; an intervention plan requiring Juliette to endure what turns out to be a series of remarkably disastrous blind dates: TheraPaul, Frisky Frank, TAZ the rock star, and the stoic Tim Larsen, among others. Then there’s Victor Jarrett, the police officer with an affinity for pulling Juliette over when she’s at her very worst. But no one is more surprised than Juliette when she meets the one man who can right the wrongs in her past and change her future, if she will only let herself fall in love with him. 


When Paul and Simone Gustafson are killed by a drunk driver, the lives of their daughters change irrevocably. Although raised by loving grandparents, it’s the G-FOURce—the Gustafson Four Sisters Club—that binds them together when their differences would tear them apart. All grown up now, Juliette has become the quintessential doormat, Renata, the self-appointed matriarchal figure. Phoebe is, at least according to Renata, borderline narcissistic, and Gia is on the verge of a major identity crisis. 

Then there’s Angela Clinton, the senior class darling who drove her cherry black 1970 el Camino into the side of their parents’ car on the night of Juliette’s high school graduation. Angela’s prison sentence is winding down; soon she’ll be eligible for parole and moving back to town. Will the G-FOURce be strong enough to hold them together as they step into the eye of the storm that’s been brewing for the last fifteen years? Will they finally be able to let go of the past and embrace the future, no matter what it holds?


I am not the best person to review Juliette and the Monday ManDates since it is a really preachy Christian romance. I didn't realize this before I started it and for the first couple chapter it was fine. Then suddenly you have page after page after page of God/Jesus talk that was too much for me. As a non-religious person I don't mind religious characters but I can't really get behind preachy books. When it feels like it is aimed at the reader and not just the that is the way the characters are I do not like it. It just seemed to come out of left field and then would drop off and show up again throughout. Really the first passages was Juliette's friend talking about how she had to put God above everyone even her husband, that is why her husband broke up with her before the wedding, because she was putting him before God and then she realized she hadn't actually accepted Jesus into her heart yet and once she did she got her husband back and they married and are living happily ever after. It just...I don't like it. I think it is because it is not realistic for me. I grew up in a very Christian town and no one spoke like the people in this book. Sure you get God talk and whatnot, I went to church and participated in church events, but no one spoke like this books sections. At least no one I know so it gets to be too much for me.

So the non-Christian parts of this book were okay. Not my favorite, but good. I kept getting into a groove and started really enjoying it, and then I would get waylaid with church and stuff. You know right from the start that Victor will be a part of the story. He just pulls Juliette over for speeding and you know he is probably the one. Her ManDates were alright. I was expecting worse, but really it was a lot of Juliette not being confident and running away. Really it was an alright read.

I really didn't like her one sister Renata. She annoyed the heck out of me. She always needed to have her way and she thought she knew what was best for everyone. She wasn't nice about it though. She would be really harsh and just not listen to anyone else or what they wanted. Did not like her at all. Her other sisters were okay, but overall, even without the Christian parts I wouldn't read another book in this series. It was an alright read, but I skimmed huge chunks of it.

Rating: ★1/2

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