A New Beginning (The Starting Over Trilogy #1) by Brenda Kennedy

A New Beginning: Book One The Starting Over Trilogy


Angel Perez had a second chance at a new beginning. After the death of her Aunt Rosie, Angel followed the instructions of her aunt and packed up only a few of her belongings and headed to Florida. After moving into her Aunt Rosie’s small cottage on Siesta Key Beach, she was quickly adjusting to her new life.

After finding a job at an insurance company, Angel became friends with the two owners, Sara Roberts and Brea Kinsley. Sara and Brea made it their mission to fix Angel up on a blind date with their very handsome and single friend Mason Myles.

Afraid that her past would catch up with her, Angel lived a very private life. When she met the tall, dark, and handsome Dr. Mason Myles, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him. He swept her off her feet with his sexy, dimpled smile and charm.

Living on the run from a very abusive boyfriend, Jim Davis, Angel lived in fear that Jim would somehow find her. After she revealed her abusive past and fears to Mason, Mason vowed to protect her.


A New Beginning definitely wasn't the book for me. I didn't like the way it was written, I didn't like the characters, I didn't like much about it.

So what was wrong with this book for me? Well the writing for one. It was way too overly descriptive about things that didn't matter. There is a section in the beginning where Angel describes in detail her aunts place. Everything from the furniture and where it is placed to the color of the walls which was too much for me. I could have drawn a picture of the house and layout which I am not sure why I needed that. It doesn't really come up in the rest of the book so...it is just useless detail. The whole story was like that.

Another issue with the writing? When the story changed points of view it would repeat what had just happened. I was just like what is going on the first time. I mean I just read a conversation so I don't need to re-read it again. That and the conversation were a little clinical for me. Really the writing in general was dry and not my style.

The other issue with the writing? Too much telling not enough showing or emotional connection. I was told that Angel was in an abusive relationship that she has just left. She had been beaten so badly at one time she was in a coma in the hospital from her ex. So okay, she is an abused women. The issue? She sure doesn't act like one. The author kept telling me when it was convenient, but Angel doesn't seem to have any issues or fear that her ex will find her (until it is good for the story to have her say she is now afraid). She doesn't try very hard to hide where she is going for one thing. Her ex is a detective and she is just like well this is fine. If I just go far enough away, even though it will take him two seconds to find me it will be fine. Then she keeps seeing this odd black SUV parked everywhere and she doesn't really think anything about it. Her porch light is burned out then back on the next day? Eh whatever. It is just like really? She was abused and supposedly afraid of this guy but all this weird stuff happens and it would be really easy for him to find her and she doesn't even think it could  be him? Really? She is just over it and not afraid of him? Yep, I believe that. I mean she is living a carefree life when the book opens. She meets Mason and is just really into him and not very reserved about it, not hesitant or anything. She just instantly jumps into something with him. Yeah, that is the way it works. It is always so easy for a woman to get out of an abusive relationship and fall back into a fun filled life of friends and new boyfriends and everything. Yep.

Then Mason was a bit odd to me at times. What is his obsession with making sure she locks her doors at night? He always said that to her before he stopped texting her for the night and stuff. I can see sometimes or if it flows, but it was kind of awkward at times and I didn't understand. Even before they were really together he texts her at night making sure she locked her doors. Maybe if he had something that had happened in his past to make him overly protective it would have made sense, but as it was I found it odd. That and he is kind of...he gets what he wants all the time. If Angel is at first hesitant or wants something else she just ends up going along with what he wanted. It wasn't really bad, but a few times I was just like um Mason what are you doing? Like when he pushes his way into her house. He does say that was not the right thing to do, but he had to do something. Well...I don't know. I just didn't love him. Something was odd for me with him. That and he always called her Beauty. Not sure why that bothered me so much as if it would have been Beautiful or something I wouldn't have minded as much, but Beauty just sounded odd to me every time. It just wasn't the book for me. The book ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, but I really don't care. I don't even care enough to look and see what happens in the next book. So yeah, not for me.


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