Beginnings by J.M. Sevilla



After the loss of her parents, seven year old Anna feels lost. Then she meets Adam, who helps her to enjoy life again and be a kid. The problem is, only Anna can see him, and her family becomes concerned that she has formed an "imaginary" best friend. In order to not be considered crazy, she starts to pretend Adam is not there. They formulate secret codes and gestures to communicate when others are around. For the next eight years Adam remains her only friend, which is exactly how she prefers it.

The longing to touch one another has them searching for answers, but just when they are close to making their dream a reality, they are torn apart.

Can Anna begin a new life without him?


Beginnings drew me in right from the first page. Who/what is Adam? A ghost? Something else? I mean he ages is odd but really interesting. I loved it from the first page and wanted to find out what is going on.

Anna first meets Adam when she is seven. She has lost her parents and is living with her cousin, aunt and uncle. She is lost and not really sure how to start living again. Then Adam finds her and they quickly become best friends. The only issue? No one else can see Adam. He doesn't remember who he is or really anything about his past. He likes Anna though and spends all his time with her. They make up code so they can speak when other people are around (so as Anna won't appear crazy).

The book picks up in high school at the beginning of the school year. Adam is always there for Anna and they are best friends. Anna is also starting to realize she has fallen for Adam, she wants to kiss him and hold his hand and everything. Only she can't. Since Adam is always there, since she is so into Adam, she kind of keeps to herself. Since no one else can see him she has to be alone to really be able to talk to him. He gets her to open up to him, to have fun and do crazy things. But she misses out on making friends and connections with other people her age.

When the school year starts there is a new kid, Jeremy. He instantly tries to befriend Anna and they do eventually become great friends. He is there for her when Adam isn't. With his help she is able to figure out who Adam is and how to hopefully make things better.

The middle part of the book got a little slow for me. Not sure why, but the four years between the start of the book and college just...I understand why Anna didn't move on after Adam left her, but at the same time it was just a bit much for me at times. When they meet again it got better for me and I enjoyed the rest of the story. You have to wonder how Anna was able to hold onto her hopes of getting Adam, her Adam, back again. She still didn't make many friends, just hanging out with Jeremy and Haley, but it all works out in the end. Really enjoyed this story. Very different storyline that was quite entertaining.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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