Twin Curse by Rinelle Grey

Twin Curse


Born together, wed together… 

The ancient law is a curse to Brianna, whose twin sister has fallen in love with a man Brianna can’t bring herself to marry. To avoid disappointing her family, she fakes her death and escapes Eryvale to hide in the dazzling city of Bymere…but the city doesn’t live up to its promise. 

Lonely and homesick, Brianna regrets her decision until she meets Lyall, a handsome mage. Their instant bond grows deeper, and despite knowing she can never marry him, Brianna accepts Lyall’s offer to leave Bymere before travellers from her village discover she’s still alive. Journeying to the exciting Isla de Magi, Brianna makes plans for a new life and is shocked to find she possesses mage magic as well. 

However, when a chilling dream warns of an impending threat to her village, Brianna must leave the Isle and rush home to help her sister. Soon Lyall follows, chasing after the same threat and longing to reunite with Brianna. But can the two work together to stop the danger? Or will Brianna be forced to choose between her love for Lyall and the safety and happiness of her sister?


I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed Twin Curse. Really the only reason I started reading it is because I didn't understand. Born together, wed together what? So they are twins they have to marry the same person? Why and how does that end up working? The only reason why I started the book was to try and get answers to these questions. It just seemed like such a ridiculous idea. The story really grabbed me right away and it was one of those book where I ended up reading it slower than normal to try and make it last longer.

At first I did keep questioning why the twins had to marry the same person. The world is built through showing things happening and whatnot, so it is not just a chunk of text explaining everything. Once you finally realize why they had this rule though I was like oh! That makes sense in the realm where they live. So it was interesting, but kept me wondering which I liked.

Brianna and Mianna are the twins that must marry the same man. Mianna has someone in town she wants to marry, but Brianna just doesn't feel the same way about him. They live in a tiny village at the base of some mountains, and their village gets attacked by trolls every few months. They have a rough time trying to defend themselves against the trolls and after one of these attacks Brianna runs away, faking her own death by troll. She goes to the big city and has some adventures and meets Lyall. He is a mage, someone she has always been taught to fear. Mages are supposed to be evil, or magic is evil, and scary and whatnot. Little does she know she is a Mage as well, and there are some funky things going on with her village.

Lyall and Brianna start hanging out and really start falling for each other, even though she keeps telling him she can never marry him. I mean she is a twin after all so it would never work. He is really great with her, and seems to really care for her, and then is devastated when she runs away one day after a horrible dream about her town. Lyall follows her, but doesn't know where she went. He also has to help protect everyone from the evil other mages he has heard about his entire life. Of course this leads him to Brianna's village and fun times! I loved once he got there and all of the pretenses that had to be kept up and everything. I mean most guys want to marry twins, but Lyall just wants Brianna. It is kind of sweet, and kind of corny how everything works out. I really enjoyed the story though. Very sweet and I loved the world that was created. Much simpler times, but still magical.

Rating: 4.5/5


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