The Missing by Karl Vadaszffy

The Missing


John Simmons is en route to London with his girlfriend, Jennie Michaels, whom he intends to propose to that evening. He pulls into the London Gateway Services, leaving Jennie in the car. But when he returns, she has disappeared. Frantic with worry, he turns to the police for help. The police doubt that Jennie exists: there is no trace that she ever existed.

John, convinced Jennie was not a figment of his imagination, sets out in a desperate attempt to find the woman he fell in love with. He has the help of Detective Sergeant Kate Nielsen, herself haunted by a botched undercover operation that led to her being raped four years earlier.

Everything he can remember of Jennie – where she worked, where she lived – turns out to be untrue. Nielsen, following John as he lurches from one lead to another, begins to wonder if Jennie could be the eleventh victim of a serial killer. Their investigation becomes increasingly urgent and threatens to bring back dark and murky images from Nielsen’s past.


The Missing was an interesting read, but it never really grabbed me like an amazing read does. I was interested in the story. Did Jennie really exist? Why does it seem like she doesn't at every turn? Is John just crazy? It did seem like he should have found out more information about her before proposing, but it had only been three weeks so...

My biggest issue with the book was John. Yes, I get that he is upset and wants to find his girlfriend. He just goes crazy though. It was just like what is he thinking? He calls the cops twice and the second time they are just like stop this! We will really come after you for wasting police time. So what does he do? The next morning he goes down to the police station and starts going crazy demanding to speak to someone and just was out of control. It was a but ridiculous, and he just gets worse as the story progresses.

The other issue? The cop who is investigating Jennie's disappearance. I liked her, and I liked how her parts were written. She really was trying to help John. My issue with her? Why in the world did she not lock John up? I mean he commits crimes trying to find Jennie, and she just keeps saying just go home and do nothing. He keeps saying okay, then does something else. It just got to the point of being like why are you letting him run loose and do this? He can break into a place and not get in trouble for it? He can do whatever he wants and there are no consequences? I guess he did do some good in the end, but I really didn't like that. He was so crazy trying to find Jennie and not caring what he did or who he hurt that I wanted some kind of repercussions.

It was an interesting read, but not amazing I think partly because of John and his over the top antics. By the end I did think he could have just made Jennie up. When you find out why she seems to not exist it made sense, but also seemed like if they were so in love like he claimed he should have known more about her. Maybe they just didn't have time since it was only three weeks since he met her, but still. An interesting read, but not spectacular.

Rating: 2.5/5 


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