Stardust by Mimi Strong

Stardust - Peaches Monroe Trilogy Book 1


There I was, minding my own business at Peachtree Books when this lunatic comes racing in the door and knocks me into his arms. I would have ripped him a new one, but he was kinda familiar, and hot. Like I-want-to-have-your-sexy-babies-now hot.

Turns out he looks familiar because I stare at his gorgeous face on TV every week. Yup, Dalton Deangelo. In the oh-so-firm flesh.

I let him hide out from the press for a while, then I thought he'd be on his way, and I could breathe normally again. But no. He found me interesting. He wanted to tag along to my cousin's wedding with me. I couldn't say no to that face ... or THOSE EYES. Before the night was through, he was saying sweet things, then dirty things. Very dirty things.

I try to keep my eyes wide open. I've made terrible, stupid mistakes in the past. But Dalton Deangelo's touch turns me to Jell-O.

I'm just a regular girl, and he's rich and famous with no body fat. The guy has a butler! So, why is he chasing me? And why can't I say no? And what is this sordid secret of his the reporters are trying to uncover?


Ugh. Stardust was not my cup of tea. It was almost good, but it just missed the mark for me. I can see where others might enjoy it, their sense of humor different from mine, but for me it was not good. The worst part? All the horrible names for people's genitals. The worst? Meatflaps to refer to Peaches lady parts. She could have had her meatflaps moistened by the sexy guy. Shudder. Why oh why would you ever use meatflaps? That is like the most disturbing name to call it. It was just....that was at the beginning so I should have known it wouldn't really get better. It was like Peaches was so immature she couldn't use the actual names. It was like we were in high school or something. He could put his pepperoni stick in her zesty taco zone. Really? It was like every time there would be some making out or something I would be all okay, this is good, why did you just write that?!?! Why or why did you just use those words to describe this scene? It was quite disturbing.

The other issue with the book? Peaches. She was so down on herself all the time. I get it, she is larger. How large? Well not that big as she is going to be a plus sized model. So like normal person size maybe? Who knows, but she is really hung up on it. That and that she is not a fun girl. Even though she does fun things she has to complain about how she is not fun all the time. And really just everything. She complains about everything. I just wanted her to at least grow a little, or be more confident with herself or something by the end. She doesn't and it is just annoying. If she is that upset by the way she looks then do something about it. Maybe exercise? I don't know. It is like she is the girl who makes fun of herself so others don't, even though they probably wouldn't. She is the girl who likes to be so down on herself so others will say nice things to her. The girl who does nothing to try and change her situation, but just complains about it. I don't like that. Find a way to accept yourself or find a way to change yourself. I will help, but please stop your whining all the time.

I also don't get the Peaches Dalton relationship. It was also written like they were in high school and very immature. The whole book was written like that. As I said I can see where some would find it humorous, it is just not for me. Dalton is really lame, and Peaches has her high school crush, Adrian, who seems to actually like her. She seems to like him too so I am not sure why she stays with Dalton. I mean she is so insecure about Dalton, why not try with Adrian and see what happens? It seems like he would have been good for her, but instead she goes for the glamour and fame of Dalton. I don't know.

Really this book could have been alright, but the way the author described things was just not good and ruined any good feelings I had towards the book. Meatflaps. I mean really? I just cannot get over that and have no idea what the author was thinking. It was just unfortunate. Then the way it ended, great so you need to read another book to see what happens....well unfortunately I am not going to be doing that. If you are not bothered by Meatflaps, salami, pepperoni sticks, zesty taco stands, hot dog stand, etc used to describe things in intimate moments then give this book a go. You might like it. If you are like me though, just stay away.

Rating: 2/5


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