Rough Harbor by Andrea Stein

Rough Harbor (A Queensbay Novel)


After a bitter break up and professional set back in London, twenty seven year old Caitlyn has returned to Queensbay to work for Maxwell Randall, an old family friend. So far, bit by bit, Caitlyn’s been rebuilding all she lost after her ex fiance broke her heart …and tried to ruin her professional reputation.

But her past comes back to haunt her when Maxwell unexpectedly turns up dead. Not only does Caitlyn find her career in jeopardy but her heart is too, when Noah, Maxwell’s son, and her first love, returns to Queensbay. Once, ten years ago, Caitlyn was sure Noah was the one for her…but the tragedy of her grandfather’s suicide and Noah’s decision to leave town left her bereft…and determined never to trust him again.

Over the past decade, she’s managed to do her best to forget about Noah Randall and the lingering questions surrounding her grandfather’s suicide. But now that’s he back in town – rich and more handsome than ever, and she can’t help wondering what if? What if Noah really was the one?

Noah Randall left home ten years ago,vowing never to return until he’d made his fortune and Noah Randall left home ten years ago to seek his fortune – vowing never to return until he’d made a success of himself – and show Caitlyn Montgomery just what she’d given up.


I'm not really sure what it is I like so much about Andrea Stein's books. Rough Harbor might be my least favorite of the three books I have read, but I still enjoyed it. It is more about what is happening at work and what happened in the past and such rather than the love story. The love story is there for sure, but there are other main story lines. Sometimes I wasn't quite sure what was happening, but it all works out. 

Caitlyn left London after a bad break up with a guy who is controlling and obsessed with her. She works for Noah's dad, Maxwell, hoping to one day buy the company from him. After all it was her great grandfather who started it. 

Noah comes back to Queensbay after the death of his father. Right away he finds Caitlyn in his fathers office searching for something. They dated 10 years ago, and it is obvious they both still care about the other. Of course they have a lot of things to work out before they can get together, but Noah is not giving up this time. Caitlyn is the gun shy one, the one who doesn't want anyone to know because of her past relationship. 

The ex does try to come in and break them up, and get Caitlyn back. After all he is super controlling and doesn't like the fact that she didn't stay with him. That and the odd things happening at the company...lots of things to figure out. Of course it all works out, and it was a fun read. 

Rating: 3.5/5


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