Eleven Days: An Unexpected Love by Lora Lindy

Eleven Days: An Unexpected Love (Days Trilogy Book 1)


After the death of her beloved cousin, Lana Andrews has to get away to be alone, to grieve. Little does she know she would meet that one special love, an unexpected love. That one true love is Mike Ramsey and he's a U.S. Marshal. 

As their love grows, so do their troubles. Someone is stalking Lana. Mike has to figure out who it is before the stalker gets Lana. Not only does he have to protect her, he must find the connection between Lana and the killer before it's too late. 

They soon find out this stalker also wants Mike dead, and he'll go through any lengths for that to happen. Mike's team find out how desperate this man is when he starts murdering.


Eleven Days was a strange read for me. The writing style was...I am not sure. For the first couple of chapters I couldn't help but read it in the Twilight Zone voice over voice. "Take the case of Lana Andrews. She was this, she did that, she is doing this." I don't know why, but I couldn't help but feel like it was a very rigid narrator voicing what is going on. So it was an odd read.

Then the dialogue and thoughts and such I was just like what is going on? This is not how people speak, and who thinks this? Lana was just so....are there actually real people who are like her? Like the time when she is driving in the car with Mike and she decides to tell him she doesn't like seafood, even though she knows he does. It was like this whole big deal thing, and then once she told him she was all I shouldn't have done that! What did I do? I should have just kept my mouth shut. I mean why tell the guy who I am supposedly in love with my likes and dislikes? He doesn't need to know.

"She regretted telling him about her dislikes, she was afraid he might go someplace different just for her." 

Yes, because that would be horrible if he went somewhere where she could eat something she likes as well...what a rough life. On that matter whenever food came up again it was like well she doesn't like Seafood so she must want chicken. Like it is the only other option if you don't eat seafood. It was just strange.

There were many strange scenes in the book. There was a moment when Lana was sarcastic, and then immediately regretted joking around with him. I mean "it was inappropriate of her to utter any words of negativity." Okay, well then I guess I am inappropriate all the time since I love sarcasm. Or when Lana is all concerned about the other cops knowing she was sleeping with Mike when someone was watching. She is there when someone asks about it and Mike just says they were intimate. She was so relieved because he didn't mention details. It was just like what? You expected him to say well first we started here and did this, then we did this for 2 min, then I moved on to doing this. I mean really. Who would do that? It was just so strange.

Mike isn't immune from the strange way of thinking either. I think the most what moment was before Lana knew what he did for a living. She jokes about how she thought he might be a drug dealer and he replies that he is one.

"'I'm a federal agent with the U.S. Marshals, and I arrest drug dealers. So I guess you could call me a drug dealer.'" 

What? You arrest drug dealers so you are a drug dealer? Do you know what drug dealers do? It was just one example of the strange conversations that were throughout this book.  It was so not good. The intimate parts, the love part, were so sappy and not good. I almost did not make it through this book. It was so over the top and not good. I almost stopped after every chapter, but I told myself I would give it 50%. It was a struggle to get there, but then the book turned into more of a thriller. More of a who is after Lana and what is going to happen. That part was much better than the love part, but still strange for me. By the end I was thinking about whether I wanted to read the next book or not just to see what happens. I don't know that I will because the writing style and everything was so not good.

Rating: 2/5


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